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The Statistics Bank tab on the Item Bank report content page allows you to to check the statistics of an exam form, isolate problematic questions, and view candidate scores.

Select an analysis group from the Select Analysis Group drop-down, which populates the Select Analysis Set drop-down with the analysis sets from the selected analysis group. Select an analysis set from the Select Analysis Set drop-down to display the statistical reports for that analysis set.


These reports involve several calculations, so generating may take some time. Please do not click the buttons twice.


The Statistics tab has following features:



Seq #

The sequence number of the item corresponding to its sequence number on the exam form.

Question ID

The Question’s ID in ExamDeveloper.


The problematic question’s stem.


Displays the different flags as specified in statistical flags on the project's Configuration page.

For details refer to the Statistical Flags tab.

Clicking the Statistics Summary button downloads an Excel spreadsheet with all statistics of psychometric value for all items and answer options in the selected analysis set.

Problematic Questions are part of an exam form. All responses from candidates are uploaded and statistical values for each question are calculated or uploaded directly. If these values cross the threshold set on the Statistical Flags tab, a flag is raised and the item is shown as problematic.

Clicking the Problematic Questions option displays all flagged items.

You can view the candidate scores by selecting the Candidate Score option.

The Candidate Score page has following features:




Displays the candidate identification number.

Total Score

The candidate’s total score in the exam form.


If the candidate number is entered twice in the same candidate response sheet, the scores are updated from the latest entry.



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