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The AutoCorrect page allows the Project Manager to specify a list of words to be corrected while working in the Rich Text editor in the Item Bank. This can be used to provide pairs of abbreviations and long forms, which can be used by the user in the Rich Text editor. When a user enters an abbreviation, he/she can select its text and select the Tools → AutoCorrect menu in the Rich Text Editor to change the abbreviation to its corresponding long form previously entered on this page.
Clicking the Auto-Correct tab opens this page. This feature is applicable to the entire Item Bank and all the projects under it.

A Project Manager can either manually specify individual pairs of words to be auto-corrected, or provide a list in a CSV file, which can be imported on this page.

Specify individual pairs of auto-correct words

  1. Click Add New link. This opens a plain text box and a Rich Text Editor box.
  2. Specify the word to be replaced in the Text box on the left, and the word it is to be replaced by in the Replace With box on the right.


    The word or characters in the Text box on left are not case sensitive. You can enter upper or lower case letters on the left.

    How you enter the word or words in the Replace With box on the right are how the text appears when you use the autocorrect feature.

    For example, in the list of Auto-Correct entries below if you used Auto-Correct to replace tb with Tuberculosis, it appears with the capital T.

  3. Click the  Save icon to save or the  Cancel icon to delete.
  4. Once saved, the words pair appear at the bottom of the AutoCorrect page. You can continue to add as many words pairs as necessary.
  5. You can click the Edit  icon to edit an existing entry.

Specify pairs of auto-correct words via CSV file

It is easier to use the CSV file method when there are several words pairs to be specified for auto-correct.
  1. Click Get Sample CSV link in the box on the top right to download the CSV template.
  2. Open this file in an appropriate editor such as Microsoft Excel. This file contains cells to enter the pair of words with the headings Text and Replace With.
  3. Enter the pairs of words as required and save the file.
  4. Click Choose File to browse and select the file and click Open.
  5. Click Upload to upload it to the application.

    Why is the template not showing as selected after selecting in Microsoft Edge web browser?


    If you are using Microsoft Edge web browser, you might encounter the following behavior.

    When a template is opened, but not closed in the associated application, the template selection is not visible on the import page page even if the template is selected via the Browse button, and it is not possible to import it. To import the template successfully, it must be closed in the application where it is open.

    The issue has been observed up to Edge version 25.10586.0.0 as of the time of writing this.



  6. The auto-correct word list appears at the bottom of the page.

The Export button allows you to export an existing word list into a CSV format file, which you can then use with a different Item Bank or even with another ExamDeveloper installation.


The maximum character limit for each word is 250.



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