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The Project Manager may create metadata for the project which may or may not be mandatory. These metadata are used in items.

Users can view reports based on the type of metadata.

The Metadata table information is split based on the used metadata type and content such as block, keywords and language.

The table displays the following details of the project:




The metadata contents created for the project and used in items.

# Written

The number of items written for the corresponding metadata content.

# Accepted

The number of items accepted for the corresponding metadata content.

# Rejected

The number of items returned for the corresponding metadata content.


If you select the Metadata check box for a newly created project, then an error message in red text is displayed because the project contains no metadata content.


The "# Returned" State column header text may appear using different words, depending on the text provided in the Return State Text settings of the Item Bank's configuration.

Prior to the 1809 version, the default text was Reject. If you are working with Questions within an Item Bank that was created prior to the 1809 release, the text is named Reject unless you named it something else.



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