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Why can I not see the HTML report button?


The HTML report button is only permitted for users that are given the Print Report permission. If the Project Manager has not given you this permission, you can still search and view items, but you are not able to print the report.


Users can view a HTML output of the items to be reviewed.

View an HTML output

  1. Provide search criteria in the View Questions page for Observe.
  2. Select Retrieve Questions. The items are displayed in a grid below.
  3. Select the items to be viewed.
  4. Click the HTML button at the bottom of the page.
  5. The HTML report for the selected items is displayed. 

The HTML report displays the Project name, Question ID, Revision Code, Item Type, Item Status, Question Stem, Options, Exhibit (Compound type item only), Text (Compound type items only), Blueprint ID, Other Blueprints, Default Category (metadata), References, Cases, Comments, Statistics, Enemies, Split Screen Exhibits, Popup Exhibits, Exhibit Title, and Asset information.


Why can't I see the Writer, Reviewer and Validator information on my HTML report?


The Can observers see names of writers, reviewers, and validators? setting under the Observer Configuration section on the Questions tab of the project's Configuration page, controls this information. If this setting is not selected, the names of the Writers, Reviewers, and Validators is not shown on any reports that are run for items on the exam form.



How can I export this report to Word?


In Internet Explorer:
Click on the menu bar of the HTML report and go to: File Save As → and Save it as an *.MHT (Web Page, Single File)

In Firefox:
Click on the menu bar and of the HTML Report and go to: FileSave As → and save it as Web Page Complete.

Microsoft Word can be used to open both of these kinds of files.



Why is my menu bar not showing up to do a "Save As"?


If you have turned off the "Menu Bar" in your browser, it does not appear in the HTML Report window. You must go into your browser toolbar settings and enable the "menu bar" and it should automatically appear.

For items with assets:

The below example is of an MCQ, Multiple Correct Options Type item with an asset in each answer option.



Each item carrying images displays thumbnails along with the item and full-size images below the item.



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