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As mentioned on the Save Search page, the Load Search page lists all previously saved searches. It saves time by not requiring the user to type in the same searches all over again. To use this function, saved searches needs to be available.

Load Search

  1. Select the Observe → View Questions menu.
  2. In the View Questions tab click Load Search.
  3. A window with the list of all saved searches is displayed with details about the search name, description, and the user who created it.
  4. Select the saved search by clicking on its name, which appears as a hyperlink.
  5. The Load Search window is closed and the selected search is displayed in the search control panel.
  6. Click Retrieve Questions to retrieve items for the search provided.

The Load Search window displays the following features:




Displays the name of the saved search.


Displays the description of the saved search.

Created By

Name of user who created the saved search.

Show Full Descriptions

If the description for the saved search is long, the text in the description column is truncated. On selecting this option box, the full description is displayed.

Show Only My Searches

Displays only saved searches created by the user who is logged in.

Delete any saved search.



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