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Users can view items on the View Questions page of the Observe tab.

View Items

  1. Enter the desired search criterion.
  2. Click Retrieve Questions. Items matching the criteria are displayed in a grid below.
  3. Select the items to be viewed, and click View Questions.
  4. The Observe Questions page is displayed with the Question summary and other details of the selected retrieved items based on the entered search criteria.

You can view the following aspects of an item in your project:

  • The metadata of the item (Question Metadata tab).
  • The current state of the item (User Tracking tab).


    The User Tracking tab is optional. It is always displayed for managers and other users when the project configuration allows them to view the names of the contributors (configuration for observe).

  • The comments accompanying the item (Comments tab).
  • Previous versions of the item (History tab).


    The History tab is optional. It is only displayed if there have been modifications made to the item after it has been submitted and accepted for use.

  • Not currently used (Item Comparison tab).


The Observe Questions page has the following features:




Displays the type of item.

StateThe current state of the item.


The item text.

AssetsAny assets on the item.


The answer options to the item including the correct answer marked ( * ) and distractors. The Stem and Options form the Question Summary of the item.

If Restrictions have been placed on Fill in the Blank type items, balance your mouse pointer over the Information icon and a pop-up Restrictions table summarizes all the restrictions placed on the answer option.

Belongs to Case

If an item is assigned to a case, the Belongs to Case section appears above the tabs at the bottom of the page. This section identifies the name of the Case, the Exhibit Text (Stem) for the case item, any assets on the case item, and a list of all the Questions assigned to the case.

Question Metadata

The metadata details of the retrieved item. This displays the Question ID, Revision Code, Blueprint ID, Translation group, Language, Metadata, References, Membership (Click the Membership link to view Exams, Sections, and enemies in a pop-up window).

User Tracking

Lists the various states the item has gone through.


The Comment tag and the Comment text accompanying the item. You can also add Comments here.


Details of all the versions of the retrieved item.


If any Statistics have been added for the item they are listed on the Statistics tab. If the item has no Statistics assigned, the Statistics tab is not present.

Item Comparison

Not currently being used.



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