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The User Tracking tab on the Observe Questions page displays a list of Review and Validate states. The current state is listed at the top and all previous states are listed below it in the order in which the reviews occurred. The Review field lists the name of the user that accepted or rejected the item, and the date and time the state changed. The final reviewer for the review state identifies where the item was advanced to. If the review state allows users to select an Outcome, it is possible to completely skip a review state. The Validate field lists the date and time in which the item was validated.


The User Tracking page has the following features:



Review <review state name>

User(s) who advanced or returned the item. If no one has reviewed the question, Not reviewed is displayed.

Advance/Return by <first name> <last name> on MMM DD, YYYY at HH:MM to Review Outcome


User(s) who validated the item. If no one has validated the question, Not validated is displayed.

Validated by <first name> <last name> on MMM DD, YYYY at HH:MM

Written byUser who authored the item.



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