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ExamDeveloper™ is a web-based suite of tools. Individuals who are remotely located can use these tools to work as a team, reducing the development cost of an examination. An organization can perform all activities related to the exam development cycle without the need for face-to-face meetings. The user-friendly interface of this application makes it easy for the users to author questions---saving time and effort.

You can access the Pearson VUE ExamDeveloper application through any of the following web browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, and Internet Explorer. In general, this website supports the current and prior major release of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge. For Internet Explorer, only version 11 is supported.

Download Google Chrome

Download Safari

Download Firefox

Download Edge

Download Internet Explorer

  • The details to access ExamDeveloper are sent to your registered email account.
  • Each time you use ExamDeveloper, you must log in
  • Once you have logged in and updated the Project Authorization page, the ExamDeveloper Homepage opens.
  • After you’ve selected the project you want to work on, you must answer the project authorization question.
  • Once you have answered the authorization question, you are taken to the User Agreement page. After you read it, click ‘I Agree’ to continue with the project.
  • The question development cycle in a project involves multiple stakeholders and various tasks distributed among them.
  • In order to effectively address and coordinate tasks between members of the same project, a unified section for task management labeled Tasks has been provided.

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