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Items developed in ExamDeveloper need to go through a development life cycle that includes:

  1. Write Items
  2. Review Items
  3. Validate Items


All of the tasks that must be performed by an Item Author, Reviewer, or Validator can be done via the Main Menu:

  • The Develop Items section of the Main Menu includes features that can be used in the item development process. Its features include: Write Item, Cases, Review, Validate, and Enemies.
  • Item Authors must select the appropriate type of Item that should appear on the exam form.
  • An Asset sometimes needs to accompany an item, and therefore you must upload and attach it. Authors can only use assets that have been accepted for the current project and that contain all of the required data, such as the Metadata.
  • The Question Stem and the Answer Options can be formatted using the Formatting Options displayed on the toolbar.


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