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Assets are files that are used in a Project along with Questions and/or Cases. You can upload, review, approve, edit, replace and delete Assets. It is also possible to run searches for Assets.

There are multiple ways to work with Assets:

1. You can perform all activities related to Assets by clicking on the Prepare Assets tab. Here you can:

2. When authoring a Question or Case, click the Asset Manager icon on the Question Stem or Answer Options. This is discussed in the Write Items -> Write Questions -> Upload Assets section.


An Asset's life cycle requires various states of development to determine whether it will be published or rejected. The Project Manager configures the Asset's creation process and specifies what determines whether an Asset may be accepted to be published, and what dictates it should be rejected.


A full-text article can be uploaded as an Asset in a PDF format if it is needed for Question writing. However, if it is to be used as a reference, the information should be filled in on the References tab and attached to the Question that way.

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