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Items are incorporated into examinations at the end of the item-creation process. Creating an exam form involves selecting items that match certain criteria and placing them appropriately in an examination framework.

Often multiple versions of exam forms are built simultaneously, where different items are selected for each version so that candidates do not always receive the same exam form version. The difficulty of each exam form version is calculated to ensure Candidates are not unfairly penalized by receiving a more difficult version.

When building an Exam Form, there are several important considerations when determining how many versions of the exam form are needed.

One of the most important considerations when building versions of an exam form is choosing the criteria by which items will be selected. Organizations are required to select items according to the duties and requirements of the job. In addition, several criteria can be combined to build multi-dimensional exam form blueprints.

What criteria determines which items are selected?
1. Job/Task Analysis Specifications
2. Cognitive Complexity Level
3. Content Categories
4. Keywords
5. Difficulty

In terms of creating exams, ExamDeveloper allows you to:

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