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  • Chapter 8 - View Item Bank
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Item banks are repositories of projects belonging to an organization. Conceptually, Item Banks make it possible for many projects to mutually share content objects.

Content objects in the scope of an Item Bank refer to items or a group of items (e.g., case, section, exam form, item collection, etc.)

The following content objects can be added to an Item Bank:


The salient features of Item Banks are as follows:

  1. All Item Banks are scoped to an organization.
  2. Item Banks have a collection of one or more projects.
  3. All content objects belong to one or more projects in a single Item Bank. No two Item Banks share the same content objects.
  4. All content objects are editable in a single project and viewable in more than one project in the same Item Bank.
  5. Users in the role of Item Bank Administrators can create and edit the contents of Item Banks.
  6. There can be multiple Item Bank Administrators in an organization, but only one Item Bank Administrator for an Item Bank.

  7. All new Item Banks have a default project when first created.

The default project for an Item Bank should not be used for actual work tasks with users other than Project Managers. Refer to the Manage Project help page for more information on Default Projects.


As an Item Bank Administrator, you are responsible for setting up and modifying the contents of the Item Bank as follows:


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