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The purpose of a DT Item Bank is to be able to apply template settings to exams forms contained in any project within the organization. This is similar to templates created on the Delivery Configuration Tool page, except that the latter can only be applied within the current project, while the former can be applied to any exam form in any project in the organization. Also, items created under DT Item Bank can be used in any project in the organization.

Once a DT Item Bank is created, it appears on the project Home page of the ExamDeveloper application listed in light blue.

On clicking the DT Item Bank, the user must accept the User License Agreement before proceeding to make use of this feature.

A DT Item Bank project also has many of the same data structures as in a Standard Item Bank.


Adding new projects to DT Item Bank

Templates and data can be entered directly into the Default Project and it is not necessary to create additional projects.

Although it is not required, it is possible to add new projects to the DT Item Bank if you want to keep your templates categorized under different projects while managing them via the DT Item Bank. It must also be noted that all the templates are still available without any such categorization to all the projects under all Item Banks of the organization.


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