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Disclaimer: in order to ensure we make the right decisions for the future of the application, we may change or remove the information that appears here at any time.

Coming soon to ExamDeveloper

ExamDeveloper Move to Cloud 

Available fromTo be determined
Rollout pacegradual rollout - users may gain visibility over several releases
Last updated 

In the coming months, the ExamDeveloper application will transition from being hosted in Pearson data centers to the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. This transition will provide seamless scalability, improved performance, and increased security defenses; to name a few benefits. The goal for this transition is to take place during normally scheduled outages, but in some cases may require a separate outage date. Once transitioned, accessing the application will continue to use the same URL and credentials users are accustomed to. Information will be forthcoming as each deployment transitions. Please contact your Program Manager for more details on scheduled outages.


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