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Disclaimer: in order to ensure we make the right decisions for the future of the application, we may change or remove the information that appears here at any time

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Changes to business rules when editing an item

Available from2005 - 2007 (approximately May 2020 to July 2020)
Rollout paceGradual rollout - users may gain visibility over several releases
Last updated 

We have made some changes to the rules that apply when editing an item.

  1. Everyone will now get an error if they save an external item that has bad XML (e.g., if it is missing an ident, or the XML is not well formed).
  2. A Reviewer will be able to 'just save' a change (i.e., without advancing or returning), even if the change means the item no longer meets blueprint, metadata, or reference requirements. They still won't be able to advance/return the item until the requirements are met again. This could allow a reviewer to make a change that causes the item to leave their review assignment, if it no longer meets the criteria of their review assignment.
  3. A Project Manager can change an item's state through the Examine Question or Batch Edit pages, even if metadata, reference, or blueprint is required in that state and the requirement is not being met. Project Managers will no longer need to change the project configuration to change the state.
  4. A Validator will now get an error if they try and submit an item if metadata, references, or blueprint are missing. A Project Manager will need to fix issues before the validator submits the item.
  5. If an item has an asset that isn't in a completed state, a Writer, Translator, and Reviewer will not be able to submit or advance the item to the validate state (they are already prevented from sending it to a completed state.

Legacy custom report retirement 

Available fromTo be determined
Rollout paceFull rollout - users will have immediate visibility as a result of upgrade
Last updated 

By introducing the most recent custom report available to Project Managers on the Manage → Reports page, we are left with three older custom reports that have now been surpassed and are due for retirement. We will be removing the following three custom reports from ExamDeveloper:

  • Question Data
  • Question and Statistics Data
  • All data

Project Managers who are still working with these reports should switch to the custom report available at Manage → Reports (in the Custom Reports tab).



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