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For every task, it is important to understand the knowledge and skills that are needed to perform the task. The Knowledge and Skill Statements shows the expectations for individuals that will be performing the task.

Knowledge statements need to be specific, so words such as more or less should not be used

Sample Knowledge Statements

  1. Audio and video calibration procedures and standards
  2. Equipment mounting techniques
  3. Equipment specifications and interpretations
  4. Schematic conventions, including symbols, grounding, voltage requirements, and safety-related information

Skill statements should have the measurable, observable, and quantifiable guidelines that may be either physical or mental skills.

Sample Skill Statements

  1. Assessing acoustic and sound isolation requirements
  2. Defining equipment and material specifications, e.g., heat load, electrical load
  3. Drafting architectural documents, including block diagrams
  4. Evaluating test results against performance specifications



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