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  • Known Issues in Releases
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Outstanding known issues awaiting resolution are distinguished by PENDING.

If you need more information regarding the below "Known Issues", please contact your Application Consultant or email the support team on

7.2008 Release

Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release

Reporting Groups show wrong item count in

Exam Editor (D-40983)

Item count is not showing correctly under the reporting group area when on the "Build QTI Package" page (not appearing in item list and not added to item count). 

Example - there should be 7 items in the reporting group - Reporting group A shows 5 items in the list, 5 in the item count. However when you export the exam, there are 7 items in the qti export and also when you search in ED for items there are 7 items. 

 This is a cosmetic/display issue as items are exporting in the qti correctly. 

No work around - QTI exported correctlyVersion 7.2010

7.2006 Release  


Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Select Page and All dropdown not working on certain pages (D-40206)When a user is trying to Add contents to a project, the dropdown that is used to select the content will work for one time, but if a user tries to make a second selection it will not workThe user can either navigate back to the "Projects" page and then reselect the "Add Content" checkmark and the user can then use the dropdown to select All or Page. The user can also select the items individually to be added.7.2008
New revisions are being created for items when no changes are being made (D-40451)When a user (manager) clicks modify on an item and then just clicks Save and Exit with no changes made to the item, a new revision is created. This has been happening since at least the 1904 ED release.As a manager clicking the Exit button will not make a new revision. As a reviewer, the exit button will also not make a new revision.7.2009


7.2004 Release  

Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
References that are only viewable in a project cannot be added to an item (D-39315)When attempting to add a reference that is only viewable in a project to an item in the project, the user will receive an error message and will not be able to save the reference to the item.Make the viewable references editable in the projectVersion 7.2005
Duplicate reference is created when adding an existing reference to an item (D-39314)

When the user adds a reference to an item and then saves/submits the item, a duplicate of the reference that was added is created. This issue only occurs when adding references that were created prior to the 7.2004 release to an item. New references can be added without any issues.N/AVersion 7.2006
Enemy data showing incorrect on custom report (D-39455)On the custom report, there are some items that are showing the question ID as an enemy to itself, instead of the correct item ID of the enemy item.N/AVersion 7.2006
"Margin:" in a table does not allow valid qti to be exported

 if the text "Margin:" is included in a table, ED exports QTI with additional text between the ":" and the word "margin"

An example of this maybe: "Gross profit margin: 10%" workaround would be "Gross profit margin is 10%"

do not use ":" use an alternative word such as "is"Version 7.2007

7.2003 Release

Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Score Reports - Presentation.xml change from Display-Type to External item type

Linked to Convert Display-Type item to External item if it contains presentation Asset XML : Version 7.2003:

If a score report was created using a Presentation.xml, the item identifier within the QTI Item Snippet must match the ExamDeveloper QuestionID, otherwise the item will not export and you will receive an unresolved reference error when compiling the QTI.

Search for the external item type, select modify and change the first line which states the item identifier to match the ED QuestionIDPENDING
Thumbnails for assets that are set as exhibits are exporting the "Asset not in an approved state" image instead of the asset image (D-38884)

When an asset that has been set as to display as an exhibit (rather than inline) is exported is placed on an item in an exam form and the QTI is exported, the thumbnail that is generated for the asset show an "Asset not in an approved state" image rather than the actual asset image.

Version 7.2004

 7.2001 Release


Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Scored=False appearing twice for External Items (D-38152)When the Scored=false setting is set within External Items (part of <itemproc_extension>), the setting is duplicating in the itempool.xml export.Delete the duplicate tag in the itempool.xml.Version 7.2003
Select One within PearsonvueSectionControl not saving (D-38536)When building an exam and attempting to change  a value in the SectionprocExtension > PearsonvueSectionControl from either "true/false" to "Select One" an error message is presenteddelete the section from the template and then re-adding it with the correct information

Version 7.2004

Case scenario returned with questions (D-38205)When a case is added to a section, the display scenario was also added to the items to be displayedDelete the display item before adding to examVersion 7.2004

7.1912 Release

Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Secondary LOFT Constraints not allowing QTI to export (D-38123)When secondary LOFT constraints are applied and selected in the build QTI page, you are unable to export QTI.Secondary constraints cannot be applied.Version 7.2001 (Patch)
Pop-up message when clicking on OutcomesProcessingMapped or OutcomesProcessingNda in Build QTI page (D-37819)

When a user clicks on either the OutcomesProcessingMapped or OutcomesProcessingNda nodes in the Build QTI page, a "DataTables warning" pop-up message appears. No impact on saving or exporting exam.

Click on OK in the pop-up message to bypass the pop-up message.Version 7.2003
LOFT Constraints not saving (D-37945)LOFT Constraints not saving when applied to the build QTI page.N/AVersion 7.2001

Using "Get PubMed ID" for journal references causing time out (D-37807)

When a user tries to add a reference to an item and uses the "Get PubMed Reference" to get the information, the system times out and does not bring back the reference informationManually enter the reference data onto the item

Version 7.2001

Selection Node not saving (D-37921)When Selection Numbers (Preselection or Selection) were added to an Exam (either through an exam template or directly from the QTIBuilder View), the Selection Node would not Save.Add the Selection Node immediately prior to exporting the exam on the Builder Screen. No workaround for saving the node prior, however.Version 7.2002
Form Resetting to Template Level (D-38136)A user has an exam with a DT template and modifies the QTI on the BuildQTI page. The user then saves and modifies a value on the Add Exam page (i.e adding a section). Then, the user navigates back to the BuildQTI page. The result is that the data saved on the Add Exam page (i.e the section added) is now gone, and the exam is viewable again.N/AVersion 7.2005
Metadata values being duplicated for Single Line text fields (D-39115)When a metadata field is set as a Single Line Text field, there is only one value allowed to be set on the item. When that value is replaced on the item from the modify screen, it is seen that the value is duplicated in the contents of the metadata field.N/AVersion 7.2007


7.1910 Release


Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
User disabled immediately with subsequent incorrect login after previous lock out (D-37105)

A user, who was previously locked out due to 5 incorrect password attempts, will be immediately disabled if the next login attempt is made with an incorrect password.

A project manager, item bank manager, or admin can re-enable the user.7.1911


7.1909 Release


Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Unable to create Translate assignment with 4000+ question (D-36175)

When user tries to create a Translate assignment that has 4000 or more questions, the assignment does not get created and the navigation stays on the Assign Work to users screen.

Question count not increased after changing a Language by Batch Edit (D-36293)

Prerequisite: An itembank has 3 languages, English being default. There are 2 translate assignments to translate all English items to 1) French and 2) German. N.B. Lanaguages in this scenario are examples, can be any language.

Scenario: An item is translated from English to French using a Translate assignment.

Then language of the French Translated item is changed to German using Batch Edit.

Expected Behaviour: Assignment count in the French Translate assignment increases and source item gets added to it. Assignment count in German Translate assignment decreases and source item gets removed from it. 

Actual Behaviour: Assignment count in German Translate assignment decreases and source item gets removed from it. There is no change in French translate assignment as French version is considered to be existing.

Problem: French version of the item cannot be created using translate assignment.

Users able to edit properties in FIB items when project setting turned off (D-36876)When a review state in a project is set to not allow reviewers to edit stem or options, for FIB items the SME is still able to edit the properties for the FIB item. (Integer, Decimal, etc.)
Not able to edit an equation on a display item after saving it (D-36853)When a user creates an equation on a display item and the user hits Save or Submit, if the user tries to double click the equation to make an edit, it will not open in the editor.The user can delete the equation and create a new one7.1912
Font size 16 not working for equations (D-36920)When an equation is created and the font is set to 16 point, upon saving the equation the font reverts back to 12 pt. This is ONLY for size 16 pt.
Not able to edit equation in metadata (D-36636)When an item has an equation in a metadata field, once the item is saved or submitted, a user is not able to reopen and edit that equation, the user will be logged out. This is only in metadata fields.The can delete the equation and create a new one7.1911
Unable to use special characters in Exam name (D-36782)
 When an exam name is entered with a special character such as "+", a user is presented with a blank screen when exporting QTI.
Do not use special characters, ie. use "and" instead of "+" 7.1911
OutcomesProcessingClone LinkRefId not working correctly (D-36763)
The LinkRefId field within a OutcomeProcessingClone is duplicating the 1st created model instead of maintaining the LinkRefIds that were created in the template.
 a "#" wildcard can be used to generate a simple ordering like "1,2,3..)
Reporting groups with no items do not export (D-36743)
When creating a "ReportingGroup - Empty" for the purpose of adding a scoring model for results purposes and if that reporting group contains no items, the ReportingGroup QTI does not export.



7.1906 Release


Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Custom Reports exporting without Metadata (D-35383)

Custom Reports were exporting without data in the Metadata columns.

 The All Data report from Manage - Project Bank - Generate Report search will pull the required metadata information. This report is NOT available from the Manage - Reports tab.7.1906 (Patch)

7.1904 Release

Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Failure to Change Item State from Completed (D-34697)

1) When Items were batch edited from the "Completed" state, they would not move to the intended review state. The error log from the batch edit report would indicate a 500 error for all attempted items.

2) Modifying Item State manually as a Project Manager away from the "Completed" state would also not complete the intended move. This is accomplished via the Question State dropdown at the bottom of the Examine Question page.

 Move items to the Validate state, and then to the intended review state. Users will need to configure the Project Settings to allow for 1+ users to validate questions in order to get this state to appear.7.1905
Adding Collections to Projects adds all Item Bank Collections (D-34920)As an Item Bank Manager, when collections were added to projects, the "All" selection would return all Collections within a given itembank instead of the given search criteria. This resulted in many more collections being added to the project than specified.The collections can be selected individually and added without issue. The issue seems tied to the "All" dropdown when the search has been expanded to the larger item bank. Note that the search criteria works appropriately, but the "All" dropdown retrieves more than specified.7.1906

7.1903 Release

Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Changing an item type duplicates Comments (D-34409)

When a preexisting question that contains comments has its Question Type modified all comments contained on that Question will be duplicated

Cannot Center Align Images (D-34478)When center-aligning or right-aligning an image within a stem, the image would revert back to its default left-alignment once submitted. This occurred when users clicked the image directly and then selected the alignment.If users move their cursor either before OR after the given image and set the alignment, the alignment will stay set after the item is submitted.7.1905

7.1902 Release

Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Comments/References/Exhibits disappearing on the Modify Page (D-33678)

User removed data from Modify page, then cancelled changes (returned to Examine page), and then returned to the Modify Question page. When this is done to Comments/Refs/Exhibits, this data would disappear.

After clicking Cancel, if the user logs out of the application and then re-enters the Modify page for the given item, then the data will re-appear.7.1903
Items Failing to Clone and turn Obsolete (D-33851)Attempts to clone items individually (from the Examine Questions page) would fail on specific items. The State of the item would remain the same without changing to "Obsolete." This applies to the "Obsolete" method of item cloning.The Batch Edit function will not have the same limitations. Project Managers can batch edit the same items without issues. Issue is restricted to the individual clone functionality.7.1904
Apostrophe in User's name causes Java error preventing certain access (D-34027)

If a user has an apostrophe in either their first or last name within the system some areas of the application fail to load. Examples below:

  1. Users are unable to modify Enhanced Matching items as the enhanced matching canvas fails to load.
  2. Users are unable to modify the order of case items on the Add/Edit cases page as the
Alter the users name to remove the apostrophe.7.1905

 7.1901 Release

Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
History tab not working upon second view (D-33023)

It was discovered that the history tab was not responding after the initial view. The tab would not open after being viewed the first time. This was happening in a few locations:

1- Question Summary - accessed from clicking on the Stem under "Create Exam Form". Also via "View Item Bank" and clicking on item stems after returning a search.

2- Review Questions - Any Reviewer with a question assignment will see this behavior.

3- Observe Questions - Anyone with an Observer role.

Navigate away from the selected item, and then back to the item. The History tab will be viewable again. This is applicable when examining in lists. Users can also refresh their browser page to reload the item.7.1902
User Batch Activate Not Working (D-33338)The option to Batch Activate users from the Manage Users page is unresponsive.Users can activate users individually.7.1904
Reporting Group Validation Warning (D-33291)Users have reported a validation warning when viewing generated reporting groups on the QTI builder page that states "This Reporting Group's blueprint does not come from the underlying project's blueprint document. Please regenerate this reporting group"We've discovered that this warning has no bearing on exam build and has impact on the reporting group data that is extracted in the QTI. No workaround required, users can proceed with the export without issues.7.1903
Preventing Advance/Return of items after mandatory metadata is set (D-33078)When an item has a mandatory metadata field set on it and a reviewer is looking at the item, it will be seen that the Advance/Return buttons are disabled (as expected) due to the metadata field not being set. If the Reviewer goes in and assigns the value and then uses the Save/Finish Later button to close the item the system will not allow the Reviewer to choose the Advance/Return buttons to move the item and the message will still show that the mandatory metadata fields needs to be added.There are a couple of ways to avoid this issue. The first is that the Reviewer can choose the Advance/Return button on the Modify screen when they add the needed metadata value instead of the Save/Finish Later buttons. The other option is to hit the previous button or navigate away from the page and then go back to choose the Advance/Return button on the Examine page.7.1902
Users allowed to Approve items with Incomplete Assets (D-33088)When an item contains an asset that is not in a Completed state, a Reviewer is able to Choose to Advance the item to complete. The system should prevent the item from going to complete and show a warning that the asset is not in completed state.
System showing incorrect message when required Blueprint is not set (D-33091)When a project setting is turned on to require a Reviewer to classify items to a particular level, a reviewer should not be able to choose Advance/Return on the item until that blueprint level is set. In this case, the Reviewer will see the message that the required blueprint is not assigned and can go in an modify the item to add it. From there, if the Reviewer chooses the Save/Finish Later button to move away from the item, they will still see the warning message and not be able to click on the Advance/Return buttons on the examine page.There are a couple of ways to avoid this issue. The first is that the Reviewer can choose the Advance/Return button on the Modify screen when they add the needed blueprint level instead of the Save/Finish Later buttons. The other option is to hit the previous button or navigate away from the page and then go back to choose the Advance/Return button on the Examine page.7.1902 
Synchronization Error within Review Assignment (D-32064)

Users have reported an issue with the following error within review assignments:

“The Question can not be modified because the server expects to see another question in its place. This could be the result of a synchronization problem. Please use the top menu to navigate back to the page from where you came and try again.”

This occurs when simultaneous users are modifying items. It may be seen by certain users within the same given review assignment.

When this error appears, the modifications to the given item will still be saved. No workaround is necessary; users can move to the next item.7.1903
Batch Removal for multiple Pop up exhibits not working (D-34138)When items have multiple popup exhibits attached to them and a user tries to batch remove one of the exhibits from the item, it doesn't remove correctly and leaves a blank properties setting on the item. This will also make it so QTI will not export for the items and the popup will not be seen in Preview.Edit the item and remove the popup exhibit from the Modify Item screen.7.1904
Case Exhibit Showing up Twice in Collection DOCX format (D-33638)When Cases are included as part of a Collection Word Export, there were reported instances where the case exhibit item was duplicated within the report.This issue applies to the collection export only. The current export recommended for Case items is the Section or Exam DOCX export, which will not have this issue. Issue ONLY applies to the Collection DOCX export when associated with Case items.7.1906

7.1812 Release 

Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Reference Requirement Ignored on Case Questions (D-33065)If a project config requires references AND allows for the creation of new cases it has been found that users are able to submit case questions without entering a reference.No workaround identified.PENDING
"Margin" string prevents item save/submission (D-32689)

If an item contains the string "margin" followed by any numeric values (doesn't have to be consecutively) wrapped within a Span tag (present in the HTML source when you specify font size, style or color), AND there is additional text after this declaration also wrapped in a Span tag, the system will not allow users to save or submit items.

If font styles need to be declared add an additional declaration before the numeric values as in the example below:

7.1812 Patch
Check Spelling Link not checking spelling (D-32909)The "Check Spelling" functionality only works within the currently selected box - Item Stem or Response option. When clicked, it only runs a check for the selected box, and disregards the other boxes. For example, if stem is selected, the spell check on all response options is not run.Users can Click the "Check Spelling" button for each text box within an item. Also - the "Check Spelling" function under the editor can be run on each text box individually.7.1901
Decimal Margins within Tables from Word (D-33407)Users have reported issues with table margin-bottoms designated as .0001pt. These margins will not allow the item to submit properly. These margins are byproducts of a Microsoft Word export. Tables pasted from Word may have this issue.Workaround requires users to replace ".0001pt" values with "0pt". Other option is to recreate table in the ExamDeveloper table editor.7.1901
Duplicate Sections not assigning Placeholders Correctly (D-33175)

When duplicating parent sections that contain placeholder sections, it was discovered that the Placeholder sections would assign additional placeholder sections when applied to an ExamForm. This can be seen on the "Build QTI Package" screen when exporting a QTI package. In particular, it appeared that ALL remaining placeholder sections would be applied to the duplicate section instead of those designated in the template.

Users creating templates can create sections manually instead of using the "Duplicate Sections" feature. This will create the appropriate number of placeholder sections without adding additional placeholders.7.1908


7.1811 Release 

Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Outcomes not being recorded on User Tracking Tab when questions are advanced (D-32426)Outcomes were being removed from the Manage - Examine Questions page when questions were being advanced from the Modify page. If items were advanced from the first Review tab (not Modified), then outcomes were recorded. NOTE: the rules for advancing items through review workflows were still being kept (i.e 3 votes to advance would still advance). However, the "to <review state>" would disappear from the Examine Questions page for previous review states.Items can be advanced from the Review page. If items are being modified, then outcomes from previous review states will be removed.7.1812


7.1810 Release 

Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Unable to retrieve and view cases and case questions. (D-32986)If a user were to change a Case Exhibit from a "Display-Type" item to any other item type when modifying it (Only if the case created did not have any case questions) the case would then break affecting that specific case exhibit as well as all other cases in that given project.No work around identified. Please contact Pearson VUE immediately if this issue is discovered.7.1902
Clone Case Questions creates Standalone Exhibit (D-32972)

Issue 1: When a user clones a Case Question the case exhibit will remain attached to the question but as a standalone exhibit.

Issue 2: If split-screen exhibits are not allowed in a project users are not able to clone case questions due to issue 1 above.

Issue 1: Modify the created clone and remove the standalone split-screen exhibit from the question.

Issue 2: Allow Split-screen exhibits temporarily from the configuration area of the application. After cloning and removing the exhibit reference you can disable.

Unable to retrieve and view cases and case questions. (D-32196)Users have reported the inability to view cases on the cases page and retrieve questions tied to specific cases. This is a result of deleting a draft case exhibit from the draft/return tab on the project writing summary page.There is no workaround to remedy the issue after a case exhibit has been deleted; it is advised to avoid deleting case exhibits from the draft/rejected tab and rather delete the case itself from the cases page. We are monitoring the system for instances of this issue are are reporting to affected parties and correcting the data as needed.7.1812
Excel Custom report failing with Compound item type (D-31932)It was discovered that custom reports are currently failing if compound items are included.No workaround to export this item type at this time; remove the compound items from the query to generate the remaining items on a report.7.1811
Initial review decision is not removed if user goes back to a previously reviewed item (D-32331)When a reviewer chooses to advance an item during a review assignment the item will show that the user has advanced it. If that user then uses the "Previous" button to navigate back to the item and then chooses to Modify the item and then Advance, instead of the modification counting as the first Advance vote, it's actually counted as a SECOND vote to advance.Instruct users to not use the previous button during review until system is corrected.7.1901
Error when Editing a Case with a Deleted Question (D-32411)If a user attempted to edit a case in which a question belonging to the case had been deleted from the Write Question tab, the user would receive a kick-out message.Questions deleted from the Cases tab will NOT produce this issue. Issue occurs when items are deleted from the Write Item tab instead of the Cases tab. This applies to items that are in a Draft/Returned state. It is advised that case questions be removed/added via the Cases tab.7.1901

7.1809 Release 

Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Clicking Save on an Enhanced Matching item not working (D-32077)It was found that if a Reviewer was modifying an Enhanced Matching item and edits the Targets, Tokens or Labels, and they click the "Save" button, the system will show the user that changes have been saved, but they have not.The Reviewer cam make changes and then click the "Advance" button. That will save the changes made as well as Submit the item. 7.1811
Mandatory Metadata popup not displaying when uploading assets (D-31024)If a project is configured to require certain metadata on an asset when uploading the system will not display the browser popup noting that mandatory metadata is required for a particular asset. Users are allowed to upload and save the asset to the system without adding the mandatory metadata. When attaching one of these assets to a question the system will prevent the user from saving the question until the metadata is specified for the asset.System will prevent users from submitting questions that have assets that require metadata, but no workaround to enforce this when uploading an asset.7.1810
Inability to delete comments from items (D-31982)Given an item has an existing comment if a user were to open an item for modification (as a manager, reviewer, or writer) and they were to solely attempt to delete comment(s) without making further item changes the system will not remove the comment.Make a change to any other area of the item after deleting the comment, such as a portion of the stem, options, metadata blueprint and then save. The comment will then be removed from the system. You will need to make another modification to the item to7.1901
Unable to un-lock assets in locked state (D-34370)Currently when an asset in in a locked state and is attached to a question, when a user tried to un-lock the asset, an error is generated and the user is logged out of the system.You can remove the asset from any items that it is on and then un-lock it, but having an asset in a locked state really only prevents modifying the asset, it can still be used on new items without issue.7.1905

7.1808 Release

Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
User Tracking Removed when Batch Editing Validate/Completed State (D-31887)It was discovered that user tracking information (Advances and Returns) for review states is being removed on the latest item revision when a PM batch edits items to move them to a previous review state. For example say we have four review states: Review 1, Review 2, Review 3, and Review 4. Items pass though the workflow to either a validate or completed state, user tracking is captured on each review state. The project manager decides that the items must be moved to Review state 3 for re-review, the expected behavior is that the user tracking data is retained for Review 1 and Review 2 as these states present before Review 3, the actual behavior is that the user tracking information across all 4 states is removed on the latest revision. Please note that the data is still retained in the history of the items.This issue is only related to batch edit. Users can move items from a completed state to a previous state from the Examine Questions page without issue.7.1811

7.1807 Release

Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Metadata removed on Items (D-31138)It was discovered that items are losing all metadata in the system after modifications are made. At this time we have not isolated the root cause of the defect but are working on this with the highest priority. Organizations with affected items have been contacted about the issue and we will provide daily reports of any newly affected items so metadata can be restored.
Adding a comment to items can update the User Tracking incorrectly (D-31280)When a user edits an item to just add a comment (either through the modify page or batch edit) the user tracking for the previous version will get updated with an incorrect user name. If a comment is made while making an edit to an item the user tracking is correctly showing.
Can't update Case Display through Case Question (D-30550)When you search for a question that belongs on a case and then try to edit the case from the question, the application just hangs when you try to save the case and you are unable to navigate away from the modal. You need to close the browser tab and reopen and navigate back to the application. No change is made to the case either.In order to edit the case you need to edit the case directly by searching for the case and editing it.7.1808

Batch Editing of Dropdown Metadata (D-30595)

Batch editing metadata of the type Dropdown List will result in multiple values being added to the metadata field, rather than the expected behavior of replacing the current value with the new value.

For items that need a dropdown metadata change: manually change the values for dropdown-type metadata on an item by item basis.

For items that have already been batch edited and contain multiple values: open item for edit and submit, most recent Metadata will overwrite and only one value will exist.

Incorrect Revision Code exporting for Published Exams (D-30566)

Both criteria below need to be met for this issue to present:

  1. A published exam form with subsequent published sections or an unpublished form with published sections
  2. Export Revision Code must be enabled on the Exam form

After publishing the sections and form if a user were to modify one of the questions belonging to the exam form in question, the revision code would update upon export to the latest revision code. This only occurs in the section XML whereas the itempool XML shows the correct version based on when the form/section was published.

Clone the exam, republishe and re-export so the latest revision exports on the exam


Modify the QTI in the section.xml file to reflect the appropriate revision code

Questions added out of order when adding items to a section (D-30525)When a user searches for items to add to a section, selects the items and then clicks the "Add Contents" button, the items are added to the section but in a random order and not by Question ID order as expected.After adding the items to the section, use the "Sort" dropdown list to sort the items by Question ID (or any other option) before saving the section.7.1809
(Point and Click) Hot Area items showing as Hot Spot after modifying questions (D-30683)For new and existing Point and Click items. When viewing a point and click item on the examine questions page the system will show the appropriately designated response type for a Point and click item, either Hot Spot or Hot Area. For items listed as Hot Areas if you were to open the item for modification the system will select the response type Hot Spot by default. If users aren't aware and submit the item it will then become a Hot Spot response type.Ensure when modifying Point and Click items that the appropriate Response Type is selected before submitting an item. Existing items that have not been modified will export with the appropriate QTI settings.7.1808
Question Statistics deleted after removing metadata values (D-30693)When a project manager deletes metadata values from the manage metadata page they are prompted if they want to retain statistics. Even after selecting "Yes" to retain statistics the statistics are removed from all revisions of a question.Remove the metadata from the items individually before fully deleting the metadata from the system.


7.1806 Release

Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
In Manage->Settings->Configuration->Questions, if the "Require writer to classify questions to level" is set, the "Write Question" link will not appear in the Develop Questions->Write page. (D-30049)The setting of the "Require writer to classify questions to level" being checked is causing the "Write Questions" Link to be removed. Uncheck the "Require writer to classify questions to level" , but then writers will not be required to assign Blueprints to items, but the "Write Question" link will be there.7.1806 (Patch)
Prometric export shows changes made on published exam (D-30105)When an item type is changed and that item is on a published exam, if you use the Prometric XML export, the item type will be changed on the XML export. This should now happen since the exam is published.Do not change an item type for items on published exam or wait to publish it until all changes are made.7.1806
Code Breaks in Form Level Item Statistics report for Block Text Metadata value (D-30119)When exporting block text metadata as part of the Form Level Item statistics report html entities are being converted to characters.Generate a custom report to return relevant metadata for questions on exam forms.PENDING
Draft items not moving to correct state when batch editing (D-30290)If a user chooses to Batch Edit items that are in Draft state to a review state passed the first one (without having the item submitted from the author first) the items that are in Draft state do not go to the correct Review State, they instead save as whatever the first Review state is in the project.Have the Author Submit the item to get it out of Draft state or batch edit to the first review state and then batch edit again to the desired review statePENDING
Users able to delete/modify blueprint nodes with published exams (D-30611)When a project has exams that have been published, the blueprint document associated with the project should not be allowed to be edited. Currently edits are being allowed on the blueprint which in turn will show the incorrect blueprint classification to be showing on any exam exports. This will affect reporting groups as well as loft settings if used.Before editing a blueprint document, please check your project to see if there are published exams.7.1808

7.1805 Release

Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Internet Explorer: Enhanced Matching Question - Unable to add tokens, label, target in the editor. (D-29409)Users have the inability to modify or create Enhanced Matching questions in the Internet Explorer Browser.Please proceed to use Google Chrome or Firefox.7.1806
Itembank Viewer/ Asset Viewer permissions not able to be set (D-29710)From the Manage Itembank > Users Edit area, when a manager tries to assign a user one of the Viewer permissions, the manager is kicked out. This permission is not able to be added to a user.
Equations used in Metadata fields do not load (D-30807)When an item has an equation that is used in a block text metadata field, it will not load in the equation editor.
Custom report fails when including "associations" (D-30482)When a user runs a Custom Report and chooses "Associations" to be included in the report, the report can sometimes fail. It is found to happen more often when there are large numbers of items included in the report.Run the report on a smaller group of items (50 or less) if associations are needed7.1810
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