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  • Version 7.1707
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te available on Pearson VUE Hosted Server:  July 27th 2017

Potential date available for Remote Deployment Installations:   August 11th 2017

Why is there a delay of releases for remote deployment installations?

There is usually a slight delay of releases for remote deployment installations while code is compiled and packaged into an installer package.

Are any import templates affected in this release?

There are no changes to import files in this release.

This list is a summary of planned changes for the release and the final list of changes included may be different. Please check back after the release date for the complete list of changes included.

Please be sure to review the Known Issues page to see a list of any continuing defects seen in the application HERE.


Updates and New Features


Users Affected


When does this happen?Outcome


Write QuestionItem WriterEnhanced Matching idents do not display properly when moving multiple tokens/targets.

2 Issues:

  • When you drag your mouse over multiple targets/tokens and move them within the editor and then select "Toggle Idents" the Idents appear in the original position of the targets/tokens. The idents do not appear directly above each object until you save the item or move an object individually. 
  • The same issue only if you specify the location of the objects in the properties menu the ident will not appear at all when you select the Toggle Idents checkbox:
Idents move properly along with respective token and targets .Fix
Write QuestionItem WriterUnable to add multiple references with the same source to itemsThe system will not allow you to add another reference with the same source name even though the references are separate entities in the systemAble to add multiple references with the same source to items.Fix
Examine QuestionManagers, Item Writers, ReviewersRelabel 'status' to 'state' on Examine Questions pageConsistent terminology around state, because the use of status on the examine page holds a different meaning and is confusing for my item writers/reviewers.Label displays "State" when examining questions.Enhancement
View Exam FormManagersGenerating Word Output for Exams (Exam Design Format)Generating Word Output for Exams (Exam Design Format) sequence is not displaying properly.The sequence of items within the exam form & Word Output are displayed properly when items are deleted from Item bank using Item Delete via Collection . Also the counts on the view exam page is displayed properly.Fix
Manage Item Bank > Add ContentManagersMoving cases from one project to another using "All" moves all casesAttempting to move a subset of cases from one project to another and selecting the "All" drop down moves all cases to the new project not just the ones returned from a search.Getting search result on the basis of Search criteria & can assign to another project by "All, some, Page" .Fix
Manage Item Bank > Reports tab
Managers Assignment due date report is not getting generated.

Navigate to Manage Item Bank > Reports > Assignments and selecting the CSV Button to generate report

Report is now generating.Fix
Build QTI PackageManagersTranslated Reporting Group appearing in Unicode in User InterfaceReporting Group is associated to the translated 2nd blueprint level and returning unicode instead of translated language characters.Reporting group generating on the basis of language and no longer displaying Unicode. In addition to the ability to download printable version in translated language.Fix



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