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  • Version 7.1708
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Date available on Pearson VUE Hosted Server:  August 30th 2017

Potential date available for Remote Deployment Installations:   September 15th 2017

Why is there a delay of releases for remote deployment installations?

There is usually a slight delay of releases for remote deployment installations while code is compiled and packaged into an installer package.

Are any import templates affected in this release?

There are no changes to import files in this release.

This list is a summary of planned changes for the release and the final list of changes included may be different. Please check back after the release date for the complete list of changes included.

Please be sure to review the Known Issues page to see a list of any continuing defects seen in the application HERE.


Updates and New Features 


Users Affected


When does this happen?Outcome


Examine QuestionsManagersRemove ability to modify correct answers on examine questions pageWhen trying to modify a items key/correct answer without revision.

Modifying this content would result in a major change. When examining questions you will no longer be able to change the correct option or save for the following item types:

  • MCQ, One Correct Option
  • MCQ, Multiple Correct Options
  • Pull-down list
  • Multiple True/False
  • Point and Click
Examine QuestionsManagersShow state in user tracking tab based on item bank configurationWhen Custom labeling is set changed to another term other that 'Rejected' within the Manage Item Bank configuration, it should be reflected when examining questions and navigating to the User Tracking tab.The customized 'Reject' terminology will be reflected in the User Tracking tab when the item is rejected.Enhancement
Examine QuestionsManagersTab persistence on Examine Questions page

Selecting multiple items for to exam questions, given when selecting one of the following tabs:

  • Question Metadata
  • User Tracking
  • Comments
  • History
  • Statistics
  • Item Comparison
  • Advanced Properties

When navigating to another question by using the 'Next', 'Previous' or 'Jump To'.

Then the following is desired to occur:

      • On the next question, my tab selection should match what was selected on the previous screen.
      • If I change my selection at any point, then the new selection should persist to the next screen.
      • If I have made no selection (e.g. I am visiting the page for the first time), then continue to show the Question Metadata tab by default.
      • This selection should persist until I logout (at which point I default back to metadata.)
Tab selection is retained when examining questions for multiple items is and the desired functionality is occurring requested.Enhancement
Add Exam FormManagers3rd stage validation on Add Exam for required fieldsCreating an Exam Form if any required fields are missing this validation will ensure it meets the rules for saving an exam.

If any required fields are missing the following notification will be displayed and all relevant missing required fields listed.

'It is not possible to save the form as the following data needs correcting: The following fields do not meet validation rules:'

Errors will occur the following missed required fields:


  • Don't add a form name
  • Add a form name containing any of
    the following characters \ / : * ? " < > |
  • Don't assign an exam
  • Add and assign a new exam containing any of
    the following characters \ / : * ? " < > |
  • Don't set required metadata on the metadata tab (If 'Mandatory' and 'Display on Exams' are both check via Manage -> Settings -> Metadata
ReivewItem Reviewer
Add reviewer summary User Interface to assignment service
As an item reviewer, I want to be able to access the validator summary page at the same time as other users without encountering performance issues.Reviewer Summary User Interface was added to the assignment service and the item reviewer will no longer experience performance issues.Enhancement
ValidateItem ValidatorAdd validator summary User Interface to assignment serviceAs an item validator, I want to be able to access the validator summary page at the same time as other users without encountering performance issues.Validator Summary User Interface was added to the assignment service and item validator will no longer experience performance issues.Enhancement
Assign QuestionsManagersModify write assignmentAssigning questions that contain Blueprint and/or Metadata criteria, then when editing any of the criteria (Blueprint, Metadata, Number questions or Due date) for the assignment. Running the Due Date Assignment report should reflect those modifications.Due Date Assignment Report is now reflecting the correct modifications that were made to the assignment(s).Enhancement
Export QTI PackageManagersMultiple Choice Multiple Response (MCMR) item with one correct answer is changed to Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) item.Add a MCMR item that contains only one option to be correct to an exam form then Build the QTI Package. When exporting the item is changed to be a MCQ item with one correct response. This results in the options showing radio buttons for the candidate when the options should display as boxes for a MCMR.MCMR items are now rendering in the QTI and appearing to the candidate correctly.Enhancement
Review WorkflowManagersNo Scrolling for Review stages

When you have numerous review stages in a project you are unable to scroll when you are selecting the required review stages for that particular project.


Scrolling in available on the Review State pageFix
View CollectionsManagersUnable to export collection in word formatWhen selecting the Word export option for this particular collection the process times out.Modification to query resolved the process error time out.Fix

(Remote Only Clients - Admin Portal)

Online Users

AdministratorsException at : The wait operation timed out  when trying to access the Online Users for Admin portal

Navigating to Users > Online Users an exception error occurs:

You are seeing this because an error occurred in this application. Try one of three options:

  1. Press your browser's "back" button and try again.

  2. If this does not work, close your browser and try to log back into the system.

  3. If you continue to experience problems, send an email to and describe what you were doing when the error occurred.
When navigating to Online Users on the Admin Portal, no exception error is no longer occurring.Fix
Build QTI PackageManagerIssue with Exam Sections (Duplication and placed in the wrong place)When building the an exam, although all the exam sections have been correctly assigned to the template. When opening the QTI there are random placement.QTI verification of placeholder settings for sections with same content is working as expected.Fix
View ExamManagerUnable to translate exam formWhen attempting to translate an exam form in the project to Japanese the following error is presented: "Exam could not be cloned because it contained duplicate item. Project is not configured to add the same item to multiple sections within the same exam." However, the exam form contains no same items in multiple sections.No longer receiving this error on translated exam forms containing no same items in multiple sections.Fix
Write QuestionItem WriterEnhanced Matching Token, Target and Label box issue

Issue #1) If you exit out of the properties window for the target, token or label then reopen the properties, the Location will change, sporadically. Possible results could occasionally result in Locations properties changes.

Whenever any token or target is moved to extreme top positions , then it idents relocate accordingly to top or bottom of the component.Fix
Build QTI PackageManagersBatch Edit Questions - exhibit warning needed

Navigating to Create Exam > View Exam and selecting a Exam Form to Build QTI Package that is then exported. Alert message appears:

You are seeing this because an error occurred servicing the current request.

Please quote the error described below when reporting the problem:

An unspecified error has occurred. It is possible you may have been logged out of the system.


When Exhibits Checkbox is Off from Project setting and while performing batch edit for the Question if Exhibits is added then still "Exam can be Exported" Properly and for Split screen exhibits default value such as Orientation is "Left" text and for Ration is 0.5 should get displayed is Itempool.xmlFix
Project BankManagerItem Similarity Tab appears on Review.aspxWhen navigation to the manage-->Project bank area of the tool you will now notice that the tab "Item Similarity" now appears.Tested with enabling and disabling the license for similarity search and working as expected. Only licensed clients have visibility for this function.Fix
Questions ImportManagersHTML <li> tags in question import error message

When importing options with the same texts, an error message is being yielded which contains HTML tags.

These HTML tags are only present when option texts are identical, message went away when user changes one of the two identical option texts.

Valid error is now being displayedFix
View SectionsManagers
Issue with section list that goes over multiple pages
Within a project that has more than 10 sections, navigate to another page and edit or change a section and when saving or canceling the list reloads the section will be contained on the 1st page.Sections are appearing as expected.Fix



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