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  • Version 7.1710
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Date available on Pearson VUE Hosted Server:  October 26th 2017

Potential date available for Remote Deployment Installations:   November 10th 2017

Why is there a delay of releases for remote deployment installations?

There is usually a slight delay of releases for remote deployment installations while code is compiled and packaged into an installer package.

Are any import templates affected in this release?

There are no changes to import files in this release.

This list is a summary of planned changes for the release and the final list of changes included may be different. Please check back after the release date for the complete list of changes included.

Please be sure to review the Known Issues page to see a list of any continuing defects seen in the application HERE.



Users Affected


When does this happen?Outcome


Review Comments

Project ManagerFunctionality of reviewing comments has been removedWhen navigating to Manage > Project Bank, the Comment link has been removedComments link removedEnhancement
Write QuestionItem WritersFunctionality for shuffle response has been relocated to the Advanced Properties.When setting the shuffle response on a question this has been changed from a check box to a drop down and has been relocated to the Advanced Properties section of the Write Question page.Shuffle response movedEnhancement

Release Updates


Users Affected


When does this happen?Outcome


Asset Manager and Asset AttachUsers with

Upload Assets and

Manage Assets permissions
Unable to upload or import assets containing an apostrophe in the filename.An error occurs when users that are assigned the appropriate permissions attempt to upload or import assets containing an apostrophe in the filename.Capability to upload or import assets containing an apostrophe is now functioning as expected.FIX
Write QuestionItem Writer, Item Reviewer and Project ManagerContent of multiple entry metadata is displayed as center alignedAdding content to a multiple entry metadata is center aligned, rather than left aligned.Content for multiple entry metadata is now left aligned.FIX
Modify QuestionItem Reviewer and Project ManagerCursor moves when modifying block text metadataWhen modifying existing block text metadata content or comments, the cursor randomly moves after initially specifying a cursor location to make modifications.Cursor movement is proper when user modifies the "Block text Metadata" and "Comments" on Chrome.FIX
Modify QuestionItem Reviewer and Project ManagerBlock text metadata running out of bounding boxWhen Block text metadata is added along with other metadata such as Drop down, Checkbox etc then User Interface is getting overlapped with each otherBlock text, Drop down and Checkbox Metadata are appearing as expected.FIX
Add/Edit CaseItem Writer, Item Reviewer and Project ManagerUnable to modify case text from modify question pageAttempting to modify the case stem text from the modify questions page the pop up appears and the loading icon appears in the top left of the popup, however never loads. User is then unable to make changes to the case text.The issue was related to a Rich Text Editor when viewing with Chrome.FIX
Add CollectionProject ManagerException occurs when searching from Add/Edit Collection PageWhen performing this particular Search Criteria from the Add/Edit Collection's page the system generates an exception and the items are not retrieved. When you perform this search on the Search Questions page it executes as expected. No longer receiving exception.FIX
Project BankProject ManagerExamining items and viewing the membership window details, the system will return to last modified item Selecting and examining a grouping of items, when the initial item's membership details window is viewed via the questions metadata and then closed upon review with no modifications made. Proceeding to the next item, either through the 'Next' button or drop-down list and selecting the 'Modify' button, the initial item displays rather than the next item selected. This occurs when selecting an item ID from the membership window of a given item.Item modification using 'Next', 'Previous' buttons and 'Jump To' drop down are functioning as expected when items have an association with respect to belongs to exam form, exam section, collection, enemies, questions in other language, exhibits.FIX
Custom ReportsProject ManagerEnemy IDs are getting duplicated in Custom ReportItems that contain enemy IDs are being duplicated when generating the Custom Report.Enemy IDs are no longer duplicated on the Custom ReportFIX
Build QTI Package > Export

Project ManagerUnable to export External Items with — and – entities

External items that contain — or – entities are unable to be exported and an error will occur.

You are seeing this because an error occurred servicing the current request. Please quote the error described below when reporting the problem:

An unspecified error has occurred. It is possible you may have been logged out of the system.

QTI with external item having &mdash and &ndash, HTML and non-English language entities can be exported, compiled and viewed successfully.




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