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  • Version 7.1809
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Date available on Pearson VUE Hosted Server:  Thursday, September 27, 2018

Potential date available for Remote Deployment Installations:  

Why is there a delay of releases for remote deployment installations?

There is usually a slight delay of releases for remote deployment installations while code is compiled and packaged into an installer package.

This list is a summary of planned changes for the release and the final list of changes included may be different. Please check back after the release date for the complete list of changes included.

Please be sure to review the Known Issues page to see a list of any continuing defects seen in the application HERE.


Release Updates


Users Affected


When does this happen?Outcome


Prepare Assets/Upload,
Write Question,
Review/Modify Question,
Examine Questions/Modify,
Review Asset/Modify

Project Managers,
Exam Creators,
Question writers,
Asset managers
Replace Flash in Asset UploaderPreviously Flash was used to upload assets into ExamDeveloper.

With the retirement of the Flash component, we are working on replacing Flash dependencies throughout ExamDeveloper. Users can upload assets into Question Stems, Options, and Metadata, and upload assets into the Prepare Assets → Upload page.

From the Upload Assets page, click Upload Assets button. The Upload Files page opens where you can select files to upload.

From Question Stems, Options or Metadata, the Asset Manager feature opens the Attach Asset window. Click Upload Assets to open the Upload Assets page.

When you upload an image, you can select Display as Exhibit. This inserts a Click to Enlarge button on a Question which opens the asset in an exhibit window. You must select Display as exhibit before clicking Upload Files or the asset is uploaded as an inline asset.

The label was changed from Upload for to Submit on behalf of.

Review/Modify QuestionProject Managers,
Save, Finish Later, and Advance buttons on Review/Modify Question pageThe only option when modifying a question during review was to submit the question.

When modifying a question during the review process, there are two new buttons (Save and Finish Later), and Submit was renamed to Advance.

  • Save the changes and stays on the modify questions page.
  • Finish Later saves the changes, closes the Modify Questions page, and does not advance the question to the next review stage.
  • Advance saves the changes in the question and advances the question on to the next review stage.
Review Questions,
Write Questions,
Review Asset,
Review Workflow,
User Tracking tab
Project Manager,
Asset Manager
Manage Item Bank/Configuration Return Button Text and Return State TextThe default text for the button and text for rejecting a question or and asset was Reject.

The default text and button label was changed from Reject/Rejected to Return/Returned for any new Item Bank. The fields are configurable.

Existing Item Banks/Projects are not affected by this change. The field retains what ever value was set previously.

Pages affected by this change include: Review Questions, Examine Questions - User Tracking tab, Draft/Returned Questions tab in Project Writing Summary, Validate Questions - User Tracking tab, Examine Assets, Review Asset, and Review Workflow.

Review Questions,
Review Workflow,
User Tracking tab
Project Manager,
Accept button renamed to Advance for Questions

Accept button was used to advance a Question on to the next review state.

The Accept button and label were renamed to Advance on the following pages: Review Questions, Examine Questions - User Tracking tab, Validate Questions - User Tracking tab, and Review Workflow.

This value is hard coded. Users are unable to change it.

The Examine Assets and Review Assets pages still list Accept for the button and asset state. Reject is renamed to Return on these pages.

JSON report exportReport ManagerJSON report export includes blueprintBlueprint information was included in the JSON report export.The JSON format export now includes details about item blueprint information.Enhancement
Block Text Metadata Rich Text EditorProject Manager,
Question Writer,
Question Reviewer,
Asset Manager
Rich Text Editor updated 

The Rich Text Editor for Block Text Metadata was update with the functionality. The Rich Text Editors for other components will be updated in a later release.

Affected pages include: Metadata tab on Write Question, Modify Question, Modify Asset

The new functionality is described in the New Rich Text Editor Functions, and Insert tables in the post-1809 Rich Text Editor, New Rich Text Editor HTML Source code editor, and 2.6.4 Supported HTML Elements and Attributes sections of the help.

History tabProject Managers,
Question Writers,
Existing Questions are getting a new revision when no modifications are made and then submitted.

Examine and modify Question created prior to 1807. Change nothing on the Question and click Submit.

A new revision is created and users are asked if they want to retain statistics.

This has been corrected so the Revisioning acts as expected.Fix
Create Exam Form/View ExamProject Managers,
Question Writers,
Success and Error messages incorrect when editing Exam NamesIncorrect success and error messages were displayed upon saving changes to the exam Name in the Exam columnThe correct messages are now displayed when users successfully modify the exam name, provide invalid characters in an exam name, save an exam without an exam Name, and Save an exam with a Name that already exists.Fix
Asset UploadProject Managers,
Asset Managers
Asset Upload Misleading/Inconsistent labeling for Submit on Behalf ofSelect the Prepare Assets → Upload menu and click the Upload button in the Upload Assets box.The Upload Files page from the Upload Assets page has been updated to say Submit on Behalf of instead of Upload for.Fix


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