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Date available on Pearson VUE Hosted Server:  Thursday, November 1, 2018

Potential date available for Remote Deployment Installations:  

Why is there a delay of releases for remote deployment installations?

There is usually a slight delay of releases for remote deployment installations while code is compiled and packaged into an installer package.

This list is a summary of planned changes for the release and the final list of changes included may be different. Please check back after the release date for the complete list of changes included.

Please be sure to review the Known Issues page to see a list of any continuing defects seen in the application HERE.


Release Updates


Users Affected


When does this happen?Outcome


Generate Report

Project Managers

Custom reports continue to support cases.

Enhancements to the Custom Report.

With the changes to cases, the custom report must continue to include case data.

When you generate a custom report that includes a question on a case for All data, Question and Statistics data, and Question data, existing case columns (Cases(case name), Case lead-in text (case exhibit text), and Case ID (unique case ID/number followed by the exhibit language)) continue to return data.

JSON reports include Case information. ItemGroup.json includes (case ID, and case Name). Question.json includes (case ID).

When you choose to include Associations in the Custom Report, Case ID column lists the unique Case number, Case name column lists the name of the case to which the Question or Exhibit belongs, Case lead-in text was removed, Exhibit reference column lists the ID of the Case exhibit that is attached to the Case Question alongside any standalone exhibits, Sections column lists the sections to which the Question belongs, and Exam forms column lists the Exam to which the Question belongs.

When you generate the Custom report in Excel, the Sheet 1 tab was renamed to Questions. A new Enhanced Matching tab has been added. When you include Content in the export for Enhanced matching questions, the Enhanced Matching tab includes the following content: Question ID, Component (which could be Template, Background, Label, Token, or Target), Text, Ident, Template name, and Background image.

In the JSON export Question.json file, when you have selected to include Content or Key in the report, the sortOrder is exported in report.

Add/Edit Case,
Examine questions
Project Managers,
Question writers
Create Case ExhibitUpon creating a Case Exhibit.

When you create a Case Exhibit, a Case Question is now created so the Case History can be tracked separately from changes to the Case Question. Case fields have changed from Name to Case Name, Language Code to Exhibit Language, and Text to Exhibit Text. Upon saving the Case Exhibit, a Case Question is created with Case Name, Exhibit Language, and Exhibit Text as the Stem. The Case Question is saved as a Display-Type Question. Any time changes are made to the Case Question, the history for the Question is updated. Any time a Question is added or removed from the Case or if the order of the Questions is changed, the Case Exhibit History is updated.

The Case History can be accessed via the Case History button on the Add/Edit Case page or by clicking the View button on the View Cases list.

All Cases are treated as Split Screen Exhibits, since that is how they are delivered to Candidates.

As soon as you Save a new Case, an Exhibit ID is assigned to the Case. You are unable to edit the Exhibit ID.

You are only able to change the Language of a Case if no Questions are assigned to the Case.

When you create a Case with a new Case Exhibit, the new Case Exhibit is assigned a blueprint value (0-Unclassified) within the current project's blueprint document. You will see this Blueprint value when you view the Questions on the Search Questions page and on the Question Metadata tab.

Write Case QuestionProject Managers,
Question writers
Write new Question for a CaseClick Write Question button on the Add/Edit Case page.

When you write a case question from within the Case, the Case accordion tab lists the Case Exhibit Question including the case name and exhibit text. Any other questions already assigned to the Case are also listed on the Case accordion tab.

If you just Save the newly authored question, it is saved in a Draft state. If you click Finish Case from the Write Case Question page, the newly authored question, as well as any other questions in a Draft state are submitted for review. Alternately, if you are on the Add/Edit Case page and click Submit All, all questions in a Draft state are submitted for Review.

Add/Edit Case - Add existing QuestionsProject Managers,
Question writers
Add existing Question to a CaseSearch for Questions on the Select Questions tab of the Add/Edit Case page

You can add existing Questions to a Case on the Select Questions tab of the Add/Edit Case page. You can only add Questions that are assigned the same Language as the Case. Questions in a Draft or Obsolete state, as well as Questions on other Submitted Cases are excluded from the search. All Questions must be in the Review, Validate, or Completed state to add them to a Case.

When a Question is added to a Case, the Split Screen Exhibits accordion tab lists the Case Exhibit ID.

Split Screen Exhibits tabProject Managers,
Question writers
Question Split Screen Exhibit tabExpand the Split Screen Exhibit tab for the selected Question.The Split Screen Exhibits tab now identifies if exhibits are Case or Standalone exhibits. Users can add and delete standalone exhibits on the Split Screen Exhibits tab. They are unable to add or remove Case Questions on this tab. If you no longer want the Question to be part of the Case, you must remove the Question on the Add/Edit Case page.Enhancement
View CasesProject Managers,
Question writers
Detach Cases Exhibit from QuestionsDelete a Case from the View Cases page.

When you delete a case, the Questions attached to the Case are not deleted. You have the option to Detach the case exhibit from the questions, or to leave the case exhibit attached to the questions and convert the Case Exhibit to a Standalone Exhibit.

If Case Questions or Case Exhibits are not on a published section or exam, the Case and the Case history are deleted. The Questions retain their history.

Batch Edit,
Clone Question
Project ManagersCloned Questions on a Case are not added to the CaseClone a Case Exhibit via Examine Question or Batch Edit

When you clone a Case exhibit, the newly cloned Question does not belong to the source Case because a Case can only have one Case Exhibit.

When stand-alone exhibits are cloned and they are attached to a Question, the clone is not attached to the same question as the source exhibit. Case exhibits are treated the same as stand-alone exhibits.

Create/Edit Exam FormProject Managers,
Changes to exam forms to accommodate changes to CasesAdd Questions, Cases, and Sections to an Exam

Both Stand-alone and Case Questions can be added to an Exam. A subset of Case Questions can be added to an Exam.

If Export Cases as Sections (For QTI Packages) is selected on the Configuration → Cases tab, when you import Questions that are assigned to a Case, the Case questions are assigned to a new section named after the Case. The assigned Questions are now listed on a Contents tab. No other cases or questions can belong to this section other than those in the Case that have been added. Stand-alone Questions are assigned into an Unsectioned Section and listed in ascending order by Question ID.

If Export Cases as Sections (For QTI Packages) is not selected on the  Configuration → Cases tab, when you import both Questions on Cases and stand-alone Questions, all Questions are assigned to an Unsectioned Section and listed in ascending order by Question ID.

If you add a section to an exam, the Questions in the section are always assigned to the selected section.

You can add a subset of Questions from a Case to an Exam. The messaging at the top of the window now identifies that both stand-alone and case questions have been added to the exam, and it identifies how many questions from a case have been added.

You can drag and drop questions to rearrange the order of Questions within the section. You cannot drag a Question between sections. You can Collapse all the sections and then you can drag and drop the sections to rearrange the order of the sections. Once you have rearranged the order of the sections, Expand all the sections so you can see all the Questions within the section.

When you toggle Export Cases as Sections (For QTI Packages) on and off, Questions that belong to Cases are assigned to a section by the Case name if this is selected or they are assigned to the Unsectioned Section if it is not selected.

The Add Cases tab was removed. You can now use the Add Questions tab and search by Belongs to Case, Case ID, or Case text to select the Questions assigned to a Case.

The Questions tab was renamed to Contents. The Angoff value was moved to the left side of the Contents tab followed by (# of questions rated). The Selected tab was removed. The resequence option was removed.

Create/Edit SectionProject Managers,
Changes to Sections to accommodate changes to CasesAdd Questions to Sections

Both Stand-alone and Case Questions can be added to a Section. The Section can then be added to an Exam.

You can now use the Add Questions tab and search by Belongs to Case to select the Questions assigned to a Case.

Manage Item Bank - Item DeleteItem Bank ManagersDelete Items that belong to a CaseDelete a Collection that includes Case QuestionsItem Bank Managers can delete Questions that have been added to a Collection. If the Question is assigned to a Case and the Case is not on a Published Section or Exam, the Question can be deleted. It is disassociated from the Case and the Case is given a new revision number.Enhancement
Examine Questions,
View Questions,
Review Questions,
Validate Questions, Question Summary
Project ManagersEdit Case nameEdit a Case name from the Examine and View Question pagesThe Belongs to Case section on these pages now includes an Edit icon that allows you to open an Edit Case pop-up window where you can edit the Case name.Enhancement
Question ReportProject ManagersView Case detailsView Case details from the Question ReportYou can view the Case information for a Question in the pop-up Case window. Click the Cases link on the Question Report. The Case ID, Case Name, Case exhibit text, and a list of all questions on the Case are included.Enhancement
Add/Edit Case,
Project Managers,
Question writers
Cases can be previewedPreview Cases

If Preview is enabled for the Item Bank, you can Preview a Case from the Add/Edit Case page. You must save the change to preview the case. You must have at lease one question on the Case in order to preview the case.

When you export the QTI for Cases on an Exam, a Case file (C<CaseID>.xml) is created. It lists the Section title and ident.

<section title="<Case Name>" ident="C<Case Number>">

Manage - Reports,
Manage Item Bank - Reports
Project ManagersRetire SMT IQT Item Entry template reportManage ReportsThe Exam Forms tab was removed from the Manage → Reports Generate Reports page and Manage Item Bank → Reports Content tab page. This is no longer needed so it was retired.Update
Take Exam,
Rate Difficulty

Project Managers,

Add Case information to Questions on Take Exam and Rate DifficultyTake Exam and Rate DifficultyCase exhibit text precedes Questions on the Take Exam and Rate Difficulty pages.Enhancement
Import QuestionsProject ManagersAbility to accept/reject case content upon importImport Case QuestionsA new Case column has been added to the import grid when you import Questions that are part of a Case. The Reject Questions button has been renamed to Delete Questions. If you accept case exhibits or case questions, the questions are given a new revision and the Question is moved to the next state in the workflow (Review, Validate, or Completed). If Case Questions are deleted, the questions are deleted from the database and detached from the case. If Case Exhibits are deleted, a prompt notifies you that Deleting Case Exhibits also deletes the case it belongs to. Case questions are not deleted unless they have also been selected. If you select OK, the case and case exhibit are deleted but the case questions are not deleted and they are detached from the case as stand-alone questions.Enhancement
View Sections,
View Exam
Project Managers,
All Questions and Exhibits in Section or Exam are locked upon publishingPublish Section or ExamAs long as all stand-alone Questions, Case Questions, Case Exhibits, and Stand-alone split screen / Pop-up Exhibits are in a Completed state, sections and Exams can be published. All items are locked in the latest revision of the section or exam.Enhancement
Add Case,
View Case
Project ManagersCase validations when contents are on section/examAdd, delete Questions on a Case or delete a Case

Because sub-sets of Questions can be added to Exams and Sections, the behavior regarding adding and deleting questions from Cases has changed in the following manor.

  • Case Question is on section/exam and new/existing questions are added to the Case - new questions are not added to section/exam, if export cases as sections is selected then existing questions in an unsectioned section of an exam are moved to the end of the case section on the exam.
  • Case Question is on section/exam and questions are removed from the case or the case is deleted - the question is not removed from the section/exam, if export cases as sections is selected then questions that were part of the case section are moved to the unsectioned section
  • Delete Case - Cannot delete a Case if Case it is used on a published section or exam
View Case,
Edit Case
Project ManagersExisting Cases will be migrated to the new formatUpgrade ExamDeveloper to 1810 version

Existing Cases will be migrated to the new ItemGroup service upon upgrading ExamDeveloper. Users will be able to open, edit, and save migrated cases. The existing cases can used on sections and exams.

Existing sections and exams containing cases will be migrated to accommodate the new Case ItemGroup service upon upgrading ExamDeveloper. Case questions will be in the same order, in the same section, if the existing exam has more than one unsectioned section the sections will be retained but the new user interface will not allow you to create more than one unsectioned section, case questions will be in the same position in the section, and case questions and exhibits will contain the same content. The QTI export will remain the same for the case content.

Upload Assets,
Write / Review / Modify / Translate Question pages
Project Managers,
Content authors
Mandatory Metadata is enforced when uploading AssetsUpload AssetWhen mandatory Metadata is configured for Assets, you must add the metadata in order to save the Asset.Enhancement
Modify AssetsProject Managers,
Content authors
Consistency in Modify Assets behaviorModify an Asset StackWhen you modify Asset Stacks and upload new files using the Select Stack button, if the upload fails none of the files are upload.Enhancement
Modify Question,
Review Question,
Translate Questions,
Write Case Question,
Add/edit Case
Project Managers,
Content authors
Success message upon uploading AssetsUpload Asset on Modify, Review, Translate, Write Case Question, and Add/Edit Case pagesNew messaging notifies users "Uploaded files have been attached" upon successful Asset upload.Enhancement
Review QuestionsReviewersChange in Advance and Return Question behaviorReview a Question

When returning a Question, only the last reviewer will have the option to choose the state to return the question to, they must add a Comment, they must choose whether to retain statistics or not. All other reviewers simply choose to Advance or Return the Question.

When Advancing a Question and you are the last reviewer to advance the question, the question is automatically advanced to the next state in the workflow (Review, Validate or Complete), no comments are required, and the reviewer is not required to choose whether to retain statistics.

User Activity ReportProject ManagersUpdate terms on reportExport the User Activity reportThe User Activity Report now uses Advance and Return terminology rather than Accept and Reject.Enhancement
Select Review States,
Question History tab,
Question Summary,
User Tracking tab
Project ManagersRetain Question History on Questions if Project workflow configuration changesModify Project workflow configuration

Changes to the workflow configuration for the project, will retain Question history so as not to negatively affect the audit trail for the Question.

The User Tracking tab will no longer include track changes.

Edit Item Bank Review States,
Item Bank Configuration Reject State Text
Project ManagersRetain Question History on Questions if Item Bank State configuration changesModify Item Bank State configuration

For Questions that have a workflow history (the question has gone through state changes), the Question History will not change if the State Names are changed in the Item Bank State configuration. For instance, originally the Item Bank Review States were Content Review, SME Review, and Content Review Complete. A Question has completed the Content Review. The Content Review state is then changed to Initial Review. On the Question History tab, the revisions that were completed as Content Review remain as Content Review. The historical revision on the Question Summary also retains the previous state name. The User Tracking tab lists the current State labels because the current label does not affect the question history.

Block Text Rich Text EditorProject Managers,
Question Writers
Fixed tooltip for Assets added to the new Rich Text EditorPreviously the tooltip did not display on Assets added to the new Rich Text EditorAssets added to the new Rich Text Editor now list the Asset name tooltip.Fix
CommentsProject Managers,
Question Writers
Comments no longer being deleted arbitrarilySystem was deleting commentsComments were being arbitrarily deleted by ExamDeveloper. This problem has been fixed.Fix
CommentsProject Managers,
Question Writers
Comments no longer overwrittenSystem was overwriting commentsWhen a Question was reviewed by two groups of reviewers, the second group added a comment and returned the question to the first group. First group made updates, added a comment and returned the question to the second group. The comment made by the second group was gone. This issue has been fixed.Fix
Review QuestionsProject Managers,
Reviews were not cleared out after previous state changesReview a question that was previously reviewed and then returned to the previous state via batch editAfter a question was reviewed and moved to the next state, if the question was returned to the previous state via batch edit, the review that was made was not removed. Users were not able to review these previously reviewed questions. This issue has been resolved.Fix
Modify QuestionsProject Managers, Question Writers,
The top of the Scoring modal window was off the screen so users were unable to move or close itModify an Enhanced Matching question with Metadata or Comments expanded, open the Scoring window

When modifying Enhanced Matching Questions, users that expanded either the Metadata or Comments tab and then clicked the Scoring button ran into an issue where the Scoring window title bar moves above the upper screen limits and users cannot drag it left or right on the screen.

The modal drag limit has been reduced and the properties modal has been resized.

Math Editor,
Write Questions,
Modify Questions
Project Managers,
Question Writers
Users creating equations are timed outWrite or Modify a Question with the Math Editor open

Question Writer were creating and editing Questions with Equations. When they submitted the item they were losing their work. The problem was that they were not being notified the system was going to automatically log them out. The warning message was not showing up when multiple pages were open simultaneously.

The inactivity warning message was extended to all open windows. If the user is working in one window, while the inactivity warning appears in a secondary pop-up window, the main window now also prompts the user with a warning. In this way the user is prompted no matter what window they are in at the time of the warning.

Generate ReportsProject ManagersCSV comparison failing due to downloaded files not sorted by Due Date fieldRun the Due Date Assignment report

The Due Date Assignment report was not placing the content in the correct order using the Due Date column.

Changed the "order by" fields to ensure the order of the Questions works properly for both DueDate and Non-DueDate assignments.

Write Questions,
Modify Questions
Project Managers,
Question Writers,
Metadata fields losing attached assetsWrite or modify a Question with Metadata Assets attached to the question

Metadata contents were being removed from Questions. The metadata contains Assets that are present in the project.

Additional exception handling logging has been added to ensure awareness of future missing metadata scenarios.



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