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  • Version 7.1811
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Date available on Pearson VUE Hosted Server:  Thursday, November 29, 2018

Potential date available for Remote Deployment Installations:  

Why is there a delay of releases for remote deployment installations?

There is usually a slight delay of releases for remote deployment installations while code is compiled and packaged into an installer package.

This list is a summary of planned changes for the release and the final list of changes included may be different. Please check back after the release date for the complete list of changes included.

Please be sure to review the Known Issues page to see a list of any continuing defects seen in the application HERE.


Release Updates


Users Affected


When does this happen?Outcome


Add Comments

Project Managers,
Question Writers,

Upload new Asset into Comment

Add a Comment and upload a new Asset into the Comment

When users upload a new Asset into a Comment, a message now notifies users the uploaded files have been attached.

Manage Configuration R-Type Options,
Manage Settings Metadata,
Add Block text metadata,
Compound Question
Project Manager,
Content authors
Success notification on Manage Settings and Metadata for uploaded AssetsUpload new Assets in the R-Type Options page, when editing Metadata content, when uploading Assets to Block Text Metadata, and when uploading Assets to Compound items for Constructed Response / Oral and Spreadsheet.

Users are now notified of successful attachment of Assets when uploaded through Asset Manager for R-Type Options, when editing Metadata Content, when adding Assets to Block Text Metadata, and when adding Constructed Response / Oral or Spreadsheet for Compound Questions.

If the Asset requires Mandatory metadata, the message notifies the user they must add the mandatory metadata.

Write Question, Write Case Question,
Modify Question, Translate Side-by-Side,
Review Questions, Validate Questions, Question Summary, Question History,
Examine Questions, Observe Questions, HTML Report for Questions, Exams, and Sections
Project Managers,
Content authors
Enhanced Fill in the Blank RestrictionsWhen you add restrictions to Fill in the Blank type Questions

Enhanced Restrictions can be placed on Fill in the Blank Questions. In addition to Alignment and Type, you can now set Column width, Minchars, and Maxchars. This can be set on the Write Questions, Write Case Questions, Modify Questions, and Translate side-by-side pages.

The Restrictions summary table has been added to the Review Questions, Question Summary, Question History, Examine Questions, Observe Questions, and Validate Questions pages. Hover your mouse over the Information icon to view the Restrictions summary.

The HTML reports for Questions, Exams and Sections also now include the Restrictions summary table.

Write Question, Write Case Question, Modify Question, Translate Side-by-Side, Review QuestionProject Managers,
Content authors
Fill in the Blank numeric range response Types restrictionsSelect Set Range to specify a range of values

You can now specify a range of values that are scored as passing. You can specify the lower value with > [Greater Than] or >= [Greater Than Equal] and you can specify the upper value with < [Less Than] or <= [Less Than Equal]. You must also add a Restriction of either Integer or Decimal.

Translate Questions Side by SideProject ManagersSelecting a range of values for Fill in the Blank is available on Translate Side by SideSelect a Fill in the Blank Question and click Translate Side by SideYou can include a range for answers for Fill in the Blank Questions on Translate Side by Side page.Enhancement
Build QTI PackageProject Managers,
Exam Publishers
Close All button for SectionprocExtensionAdd a SectionprocExtension and PearsonvueSectionControl to a section. The Close All Enabled feature is one of the options in the list.

A new Close All feature has been added to PearsonSectionControl. Setting Close All Enabled to True allows candidates to click a button to close all open windows within their work space with a single click.

Question Service
Project ManagersClean up textboxes object in Question ServiceGenerate a JSON report that includes textbox objectsText box objects for Compound Questions previously contained unnecessary data elements. The unneeded elements have been removed from the JSON Question Service.Enhancement
Generate ReportsProject ManagersMetadata and Comments Asset details included in JSON reportsCreate a Question with Assets in the Comments or Metadata. Generate a Custom JSON report and select to include Metadata.

When you choose to include Metadata and Comments, the JSON report format now includes asset details for metadata and comments in the Asset.json file.

The Question.json file includes the assetIds within Comments and metaDataContent. The Asset.json file lists the Asset id, name, state, projectId, and versionCount.

JSON Custom ReportProject ManagersItem Type and Spreadsheet options are exporting correctlyGenerate a JSON Custom ReportThe JSON report was not properly exporting item type, and spreadsheet options for Keys were exporting even when Key was not selected. These issues have been resolved for the JSON report.Fix
JSON Custom ReportProject ManagersAdditional fields available in the JSON report formatGenerate a JSON Custom Report

Several elements have been added to the JSON report for Enhanced Matching question type. All question service data relevant for Content and Key for each item type are included in the JSON report.

See JSON Report Format for details.

Custom Report - XLSX formatProject ManagersScoring for Enhanced Matching Questions was added to XLSX reportGenerate an XLSX Custom Report for Enhanced Matching questions

Full scoring for Enhanced Matching question type has been added to the Custom Report XLSX format. Select the Key field for the custom report to include the scoring.

See Custom Report for details.

JSON Custom ReportProject ManagerscustomLabel and sortOrder included in JSON report when Content or Key are selectedGenerate a JSON Custom Report and select Content or KeyWhen Content or Key are included in the JSON Custom Report, customLabel and sortOrder are included in the Question.json report.Fix
Review WorkflowProject ManagersOutcomes were added to the Review Workflow pageSelect the Manage → Settings → Review Workflow page.Review State Outcomes are now listed on the Review Workflow page. Users can add and remove multiple Advance outcomes and Return outcomes for a review state.Enhancement
User Tracking tabProject Managers, ReviewersUser Tracking includes where the question was sentUser Tracking tabThe User Tracking tab now lists where the question was Advanced or Returned to once the review has met the review criteria. For example, if 3 users are required to advance a question, when the third reviewer advances the question they select where to advance the question to (the Outcome). This outcome is now listed for the final reviewer.Enhancement
Modify Question in the Review workflowProject Managers, ReviewersUsers can now Modify and Return a question from the same pageClick the Modify button from the Review Questions page

A Return button was added to the Modify Question page for the Review process. Reviewers can now modify a question and click Return button from the Modify Question page. If changes were made to the Question, a new version of the question is created when the user clicks Return. If statistics are part of the question the final reviewer is given the option to retain the statistics.

The other Modify Question pages within ExamDeveloper are not affected by this change.

Return Question pop-up, Advance Question pop-upProject Managers, ReviewersChanges to the Return and Advance Question pop-upReturn or Advance a question

The Return Question pop-up window was modified. All users returning a question must enter a Comment, the final reviewer is given the option to select the Return Outcome for questions that can be returned to various review states.

The Advance Question pop-up window allows the final reviewer to select the Advance Outcome for questions that can be advanced to various review states.

View Item Bank QuestionsProject ManagersBelongs to Case filter now properly locates all questions that belong to cases within the View Item Bank area

Select the View Item Bank → Questions menu. Select the Belongs to Case filter. Click Search.

Or click Add Questions, select the Belongs to Case filter and click Retrieve Questions.

Previously when searching for Questions that Belong to a Case on the View Item Bank page, only questions on the selected project were displayed in the search results. Now all questions that belong to a case within the Item Bank appear in the search results.Fix
Add Book Reference Write Question, Write Case Question, Modify Question, add Project ReferenceQuestion Writers,
Publisher field on References is editable when it should not beAdd or edit a reference on a QuestionWhen exam writers added a book reference, the Publisher field was editable, which should not be available for editing. This has been corrected so the Publisher field is no longer editable.Fix
Review QuestionsReviewersUnable to submit or advance QuestionOpen a question for Review, make modifications to the question, try and save the changesReviewers attempting to modify and Save a Question were prevented from saving the modification. This issue has been resolved.Fix
Export examProject ManagersTable not exporting with correct column widthsCreate a Question that includes a table with merged cells, add question to an exam and export the exam.ExamDeveloper was not exporting correct column width when merged cells were present in a table. This issue has been resolved.Fix


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