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  • Version 7.1812
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Date available on Pearson VUE Hosted Server:  Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Potential date available for Remote Deployment Installations:  

Why is there a delay of releases for remote deployment installations?

There is usually a slight delay of releases for remote deployment installations while code is compiled and packaged into an installer package.

This list is a summary of planned changes for the release and the final list of changes included may be different. Please check back after the release date for the complete list of changes included.

Please be sure to review the Known Issues page to see a list of any continuing defects seen in the application HERE.


Release Updates


Users Affected


When does this happen?Outcome


All Rich Text Editors

Project Managers,
Question Writers,

Rich Text Editor updated in all text fields

The new Rich Text Editor is available when you edit any text in a stem, option or comment

A new streamlined Rich Text Editor replaces the old Rich Text Editor. Menus now group less used items, the most commonly used buttons are displayed, and features that were not supported have been removed.

See the Formatting Options topic for details on the new Rich Text Editor.

Tabs are supported in the Rich Text Editor. The Source code for a tab looks like the following:

<span style="white-space: pre; tab-size: 72px;" class="Apple-tab-span">
Tables in Rich Text Editor fieldsProject Managers,
Question Writers,
Table and Column widths are predefined, restrictions on header rows in tablesInsert a table into a Rich Text Editor field

Tables inserted into Rich Text Editor fields are automatically set to 475px wide. The Column widths are 475px divided equally by column count. Column widths are set in pixels, not a percentage so the test driver can render the tables properly. The default cell padding is 2px.

By default tables are inserted without a Header row, therefore users can insert a single row table, but they are prevented from setting a header row in a single row table, and they are prevented from setting more than one row as Header rows in a table with multiple rows. Users can define a Header row by setting a Cell as a Header Cell, and setting a row as a Header row.

Inner and outer borders on tables are now consistent in color and weight.

  • Tables within tables are not allowed.
  • Images within tables are not allowed.
  • Text within tables cannot be set to Justify.
  • A row cannot be set as a Footer.

See the Insert and Format Tables topic for details.

Build QTI Package pageProject ManagersColumn width is included in the QTIGenerate QTI for a Question that includes a tableWhen you generate QTI for a Question that includes a table, the column width is included in the QTI. Previously only the header row column width was being generated, now column width is included for all rows.Fix
All Rich Text EditorsProject Managers,
Question Writers,
Users are prevented from copying a Web image directly into a Rich Text EditorCopy and paste a Web image into Rich Text EditorWhen an image is copied and pasted from the Web into the Rich Text Editor, the editor stores the image source URL and the system was trying to access the URL. Images that are not assets are not allowed in ExamDeveloper. A validation has been added to prevent the item from being saved. Users must add all images as Assets to the system rather than copy and pasting directly from the Web.Fix
All Rich Text EditorsProject Managers,
Question Writers,
New font families addedFormat text in any Rich Text Editor and select the Font FamilyThe Angsana New and Malgun Gothic fonts have been added to the Font Family.Enhancement
All Rich Text Editors that support image assetsProject Managers,
Question Writers,
Users can modify image assets that have been attached to the Rich Text EditorAttach an Asset to a Rich Text Editor, select the image and click the Image Options button

Images can be modified once they have been attached to any Rich Text Editor. You can change the height and width of images attached as assets using the new Image Options context menu button.

You can add alt tags to images using the Image description field to meet accessibility requirements.

See the Attach an Asset topic for details on working with this new functionality.

Item Bank Configuration page,
All Rich Text Editors,
Question Summary
Project Managers,
Question Writers,
User can set a default font family and size for each font in the Item BankSelect the Manage Item Bank → Configuration menu

Users can now configure the Default Font Family and Default Font Size of each language for authoring content. This is configured on the Manage Item Bank Configuration tab.

When users author a question in the language, the default font is selected in the Rich Text Editor. Users must define the font family and font size in the Item Preview Template to preview the Question in the desired font.

The Question Summary, Examine Questions, Question History, Question Reports, Validate Questions, Observe Questions, now display the Question stem and options in the font family and font size defined for the language.

Return QuestionProject Managers,
Users can now move the Return Question pop-up window on the screenFrom the Review Questions page, click ReturnWhen users opt to return a question, the Return Question pop-up opens on the screen. Previously users were unable to move that window to see the question behind it. Users can now drag the Return Question window around on the screen so they can see the Question behind it. This change is only for the Return Question from the Review Question page. The Return Question pop-up from the Examine Question page remains stationary.Enhancement
Add Content pageProject ManagersSearch for section name to locate a section on the Add Content pageManage Item Bank Projects, click the Add Questions, Cases, Assets etc to the Project buttonUsers can now search for sections on the Add Content page. A new Section Name field has been added. Users can type part of the section name and click Search to locate the desired section.Enhancement
XML export and import for Fill in the BlankProject ManagersXML export and import error fixedExport FIB to XML and then re-importPreviously when a Fill in the Blank Question was exported in XML format and then re-imported, an error was thrown. Extra were being added. This issue has been resolved.Fix
QTI Builder PageProject Managers
Updates to Template-building
Create Exam Form - Build QTI Package
  • Ability to Duplicate / Copy Sections - Users can now copy sections, which will create a duplicate section with an identical configuration. Items will not be duplicated.
  • Multiple Timer Warnings - Users can now set multiple timer warnings on a Duration node, available at the Exam and Section levels
  • DT items to "Unscored" when added to a template - Any item from a DT bank will be defaulted to "Scored=False" when attached to a template or exam.
  • MinItemsPresented Score Model - Score model has been added for adaptive exams. Determines the minimum number of items required before ending an adaptive exam.
Revision Tracking ComparisonProject ManagersAdds a table comparison to the Revision Tracking that reflects review workflow modificationsFrom the Manage → Project Bank → Examine Questions → History tab. View Revisions button within the History tab.

Table comparisons are labelled by Item Revision, and reflect the historical review workflow configuration. Newest table is shown on top. Changes to the Review Workflow that can be seen here include:

  • Adding a Review State
  • Removing a Review State
  • Changing Order of Review States
  • Renaming Review States
All Rich Text EditorsProject Managers, Writers, ReviewersPaste from Word functionality has been removed.Part of the Rich Text Editor updates - accessed when editing any text"Paste from Word" button has been removed from Rich Text Editor; that functionality has been integrated into the new Rich Text Editor. Content will be pasted in a format compatible with the delivery platform.Enhancement


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