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Date available on Pearson VUE Hosted Server:  Thursday, September 19, 2019

Potential date available for Remote Deployment Installations:  

Why is there a delay of releases for remote deployment installations?


There is usually a slight delay of releases for remote deployment installations while code is compiled and packaged into an installer package.


This list is a summary of planned changes for the release and the final list of changes included may be different. Please check back after the release date for the complete list of changes included.


Please be sure to review the Known Issues page to see a list of any continuing defects seen in the application.

Links to updated help topics


See Updated help topics in this release at the bottom of the page. A list of all the help topics that were updated in this release are listed with links to the topics.


Release Updates


 Click the links below to expand the explanation for the enhancement.

 New Translate Questions permission added


Manage → Users → Create Roles, Manage Roles


A new Translate Questions permission was added. Users must be assigned the new permission in order to translate questions that have been assigned to them. By default, Project Managers automatically have the Translate Questions permission. If Project Managers want to translate items, they must assign themselves the Translate Questions permission and then add a Translate assignment for themselves.

Project Managers can create, update, and delete roles having the Translate Questions permission.

Project Managers must assign users with the Translate Questions permission the Translate role using the Assign Roles page.

Project Managers must also add Translate assignments to users that must translate items.

See the Create Roles topic for details.


 Remove Translate Side by Side button on Search Questions page


Manage → Project Bank, Search Questions


The Translate Side by Side button has been removed from the Search Questions page. The Translate Side by Side functionality was moved to the Develop Questions → Translate → Translate Questions page. Project Managers must assign a translation task to users with the Translate Questions permission.


 Add Translate Assignments for users


Manage → Users → Assign Questions, Assign Work to Users page


In order to translate items, Project Managers must now manually assign a Translate assignment to users. Auto-Assign work does not work for assigning translate tasks. The Translate button was added to the Assign Work to Users page so Project Managers can now manually assign users with translate tasks. The Translate button appears for the selected user if:

  • the user is assigned a role with the Translate Question permission AND the project has more than one language added to its item bank
  • the user has roles with Allow All Permissions permission AND the project has more than one language added to its item bank
  • the user has roles with Project Manager permission AND the project has more than one language added to its item bank

When a user has been assigned Translate activities, the assignments are listed under Current Activities for <user>.

See the Manual Distribution of Assignments to Users by Manager topic for details.


 View Translate Assignment


Assign Work to Users


Translate assignments are listed for users in their own row with the following fields on the Assign Questions/Assign Work to Users page:

  • Activity: listed as Translate: <selected target language>
  • Criteria: displays the saved search name
  • Remaining: displays the count of items remaining to be translated


 Handling translation for items types that do not support Side by Side Translation


Develop Questions → Translate → Draft/Returned Questions tab


When users click the Edit icon for non-supported item types like Point and Click, ExamDeveloper opens the item in the Write Questions page rather than the Translate Questions page.


 Translator tab on Landing page Dashboard


Landing page Dashboard Translator tab


A new Translator tab was added to the dashboard. The Translator tab shows the number of items pending translation for the current user. It lists all the Projects for which the user has the Translate Questions permission role assigned and that have translate assignments for the project. The tab will state No data found... if if there are no projects or translate assignments for the user.

See the Translator topic for details.


 Project Translate Summary


Develop Questions → Translate, Project Translate Summary page


There is a new Translate menu under Develop Questions. Users that have been assigned the Translate Questions permission will see the Translate menu. When users click the Translate menu, the Project Translate Summary page opens. There are up to 3 tabs available on the page: Translate Questions, Draft/Returned Questions, and Submitted Questions.

Translate Question tab

The Translate Questions tab includes a list of all the Translate Assignments for the user with a count of items yet to be translated. If the user has no assignments, the message bar states "You currently have no assigned questions to translate for this project." Click the Edit button to translate items in the assignment.

Draft/Returned Questions tab

The Draft/Returned Questions tab includes a list of individual items that are currently in draft state, or that have been returned to the translator after the reviewer returned the item. Click the Edit  button to translate the item. Click the Delete button to delete the draft item. Users are unable to delete returned items.

Submitted Question(s) tab

If the Project Manager has the Show submitted question to translator option enabled on the Project Configuration Questions tab, the Translator user will see the Submitted Question(s) tab. This tab lists all the items translated by the user, currently in the Review/Validate/Completed State(s) in the project.

See the Translate Items topic for details.


 Translate Side by Side


Translate Question page


Users that have been given the Translate Questions permission, and that have been given a Translate assignment, can translate an item using the Translate Questions page. Users must click the Edit  button from either the Translate Questions tab or the Draft/Returned Questions tab to open the Translate Questions page.

This page allows users to see the original item on the left side of the page. The Language into which the user is to translate the item is listed in the upper right-hand corner. Users must manually add the translated text into the Question Stem and the Answer Options fields. Users are unable to change the Question Type, correct Answer Options, Language, or any of the item settings in the accordion tabs at the bottom of the page.

Users can scroll the list of all the items that must be translated using either the Next and Previous buttons, or the Jump to drop-down list. These options are only available if the Translate Questions page is accessed via the Translate Questions tab. These options are not on the page if you are editing a Draft or Returned item.

When users edit the item from the Draft/Returned Questions tab, the item displays the message that they have checked out the item.

Users have 3 options for saving an item they are editing:

  • Click Save and stay on the item to continue editing. This checks out the item to the user.
  • Click Save and Exit to save changes to the item and check it back in. Users are returned to the Project Translate Summary page.
  • Click Submit to save the item, check it in, and submit it for review.

See the Translate Items topic for details.


 Submitted Translated Questions


Manage → Settings → Configuration, Questions tab


Project managers can choose to allow users with the Translate Questions permission to view their submitted translated items.

A new Show submitted question to translator option was added to the Questions Configuration tab.

This option enables the Submitted Question(s) tab on the Project Translate Summary page.

See the Questions Tab topic for details.


 Remove Translate Questions permission from a role/delete a role


Manage → Users → Create Roles, Manage Roles page


When you delete the Translate Questions permission from a role or delete a Translate Questions role:

  • Users having that role no longer have access to the Translator tab on the landing page, and the Develop Questions → Translate menu
  • The Translate button no longer appears on the Assign Work to Users page for the user that previously had the permission
  • Existing Translate assignments now appear on Assign Questions for the Project Manager. The Project Manager should delete these assignments.


 Users cannot translate an item if the source item is deleted


Translate Questions


On the Draft/Returned Questions tab, if there is an item in Draft or Returned state whose source item is deleted, when users choose to edit the draft or returned item a message notifies the user that the item cannot be translated because the source item has been deleted. The Submit button has been disabled for the item. The translator should be able to delete the item on the Draft/Returned Questions tab.


 Due Date Assignment report now includes translate assignments


Generate Reports, Assignments page (Due Date Report)

Manage → Item Bank → Reports, Assignments tab (Due Date Report)


Translate assignments are now included in the Due Date Assignment report.


 Email notifications can now be sent for Translate Assignments


Manage → Settings → Configuration, Project tab


The ability to configure Translate Assignment emails was added to the Project Configuration tab. This functionality works the same as for Write, Review and Validate email configurations.

See the Project Tab topic for details.


 Delete Translate assignments when users are Disabled by the administrator


Admin → Users, View tab


When Admin users disable a user with Translate assignments, the Translate assignments are deleted. The Confirm disable message states, "If you click 'OK' this user will be disabled; deleting all write, review, translate, or validate assignments and will no longer have access to the system." When the Admin clicks OK, all these assignments are deleted.


 Batch Edit Clear Formatting


Manage → Project Bank → Search for items, Batch Edit button, Batch Edit page


Users now have the ability to remove Font face, Font Size, and Clear All Formatting from a group of items using the Batch Edit functionality. Select Clear Formatting and then select one of the Clear Formatting options. Clear formatting clears most formatting from text. See the Clear All Formatting topic for details on formatting that is cleared when the Clear All Formatting option is selected.


Batch Edit does not work on Enhanced Matching type items, or any items not using the new editing toolbar. If the item was created using the old Rich Text Editor, you must update each item one at a time because the batch edit functionality will not work for these items.


See the Edit Properties of Multiple Items topic for details.


 New Asset types are now supported


Upload Assets, Search Assets

upload assets on Write Question via Insert → Asset Manager menu, via Add Comment, Write External Question Type via the Attach or upload assets button

Modify Assets


The following Asset types are now supported.

Asset TypeFile Type
Audio.mp3, .wav, .ogg
Others.hsp, .iie 

Audio files behave similar to video files throughout the system.

These file types cannot be uploaded or attached as background images for Enhanced Matching and Point and Click type items.

See the Upload an Asset topic for details.


 Placeholder image for audio and video files


Write, Review, Modify Questions, Question History, Question Summary, Examine Questions, Validate Questions, Observe Questions, view Thumbnail on Upload Assets and Search Assets, Click to Play audio and video, Examine Asset, Modify Asset, Question Report and HTML Export


There are new placeholder images for both audio and video files. The placeholder images now match what is seen in the Athena test driver.

Video file placeholder

Audio file placeholder

See the Asset Thumbnail Properties and Examine Assets topics for details.


 QTI export for mataudio element


Export QTI


When you add an audio file to an item, the exported QTI generates a <mataudio> element inside the <material> element for the item in the Itempool.xml file. A uri attribute identifies the file name and file extension, and an embedURI attribute is set to True (the audio is embedded in the item). The embedURI attribute will be configurable at a later date.


 Update to the Equation Editor


Equation Editor, insert/edit image pop-up


An update to the Equation Editor plugin was made. There is a slightly different look to the editor pop-up window. Once the equation has been created, users have the ability to change the Width and Height of the equation. They can also create custom alt text for screen readers. This alt text is exported in the QTI as an alt attribute.

See the Work with Equation Editor topic for details.



Fixed Defects

Click the links below to expand the explanation for the defects.

 Symbols not showing correctly in Math Equations when zooming


Equations added using the Equation Editor


Arrows added to math equations in the Equation Editor were not displaying properly when zooming in or out in Chrome browser. A new plugin for the Equation Editor was updated which fixed the problem


Once the new plugin is deployed to production, the older SVG images will continue to have the same zoom issues.

To fix the old SVG images you must open the affected formula images one by one and close the editor without making any changes. This will apply the new properties to the data created before the upgrade.

See the Work with Equation Editor topic for details on how to open the Insert/edit images pop-up. 



 Not able to upload Asset Stacks


Upload Asset Stack


Self-hosted clients on version 1809 were unable to successfully upload Asset Stacks. For instance, users were trying to upload 5 images in an asset stack and 2 of them were corrupt images. The asset stack was not uploaded and the error message listed all the assets that failed. This issue was fixed in later versions. The client will be upgrading to the fixed version.

With the fix for this issue, assets are now uploaded 1 by 1 rather than as a big group. So now if a user is uploading 5 assets, the asset stack stops at the first corrupted/failed image. The asset stack is not uploaded and lists the first failed asset instead of listing all the failed assets.


 Reorder Questions by Blueprint ID on Edit Exam incorrect order


Create/Edit Exam Form


For projects with Blueprints with 10+ nodes for the first level, when items were added to the exam forms, reordering the items was not properly sorting the items. For instance, the item sort order was Blueprint IDs 10-28 first and then 3-9.

The implemented solution now converts each blueprint numeric level in 5 digit numbers so they are sorted properly.



Updated help topics in this release 

The following help topics were updated in this release. Click the link to view the details on each topic.


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