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A For a question to reach the final rejected state will depend on the number of reviewers assigned for the question.

As a reviewer, if you feel the question  question does not meet the requirements, then you should reject the question. On clicking the Reject button, a dialog box will ask you to enter a mandatory explanation for the rejection.

If there are is more than one reviewer, the rejection process will need to meet the rejection criteria decided for the question.

For eg. If example, if there are two reviewers for an a question, a minimum of 2 reviewers (or as decided) will be required to reject an the question.

The user rejecting the question will get the pop up window to choose the state, if the state of the question state is going to be changed.


If there are more than two reviewer reviewers for a question, then while rejecting, the first reviewer will not get the drop down option to choose where to send the question to be send.

  • When a question is rejected by a sufficient number of reviewers, the author of the question will be able to view it in the Draft/Rejected Questions tab of the Project Writing Summary page. The writer will be able to view the explanations for rejection.
  • The Project Manager specifies must specify how many reviewers must reject a question before the author must review reviews it as “Rejected.”