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Allow users to review their own questions

Select Yes to allow the authors to review their own questions.

Number of people needed to accept a question to approve it

The number of reviewers who must accept a question in its current form before it is approved. Allowed values range from 0 to 15; the default is 3 .


A reviewer who makes a modification to a question counts as its first approver.

Setting this to 0 will cause the review process to be entirely skipped.

Number of people needed to reject a question to discard it

The number of reviewers who must reject a question in its current form before it is returned to the author as rejected. Allowed values range from 1 to 15; the default is 3.

Require reviewers to classify unclassified questions to level

Choose Yes if reviewers should ensure the question is correctly classified, and then select the level to which the question should be classified from the drop down list.
Lowest Level in the drop down list indicates that in a blueprint of varying depth, the lowest level must be selected irrespective of the depth.


This can not be set to None, with the Number of people needed to accept a question to approve it as 0.

Require Comment on modifying question

Choose Yes if the reviewer should record/explain changes made in the edit page.

Allow Reviewers to Edit

Allow or disallow users with Reviewer permission to edit the following areas:  Item Text (Stem and Option Text), Blue Print, Metadata, and Reference.

 Each of these areas has checkboxes next to them, which grant edit permissions to Reviewers if checked and deny them if unchecked. All the checkboxes are enabled by default, thus allowing Reviewers to edit all these areas unless manually unchecked by the Manager.

A Manager will also be bound by the permissions of a Reviewer on the pages affected by the above settings.



A Question cannot be modified by a Reviewer if all the checkboxes are unchecked and an error message will be displayed in red text.





A Reviewer will be able to partially modify a Question if checkboxes against some of the above items are unchecked, thus allowing modifications to only certain areas of the Question. A message in red text will inform the Reviewer about such areas, which cannot be edited.

If Metadata and Blueprint are set to be not editable, then there will be an icon  (red circle icon with a diagonal slash across) at the center of the affected area to notify the same. Moving the mouse cursor over these icons will show the message "Manager has disabled editing this content within the current review state".

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An error message in red text is displayed if you try to disallow Reviewers to edit Metadata in Review Workflow when it is set to Mandatory under Manage → Settings → Metadata.



When the checkbox next to Blueprint is removed in Review Workflow, meaning that it cannot be edited by Reviewers, and if you try to enforce a Blueprint level against Require Reviewers to classify unclassified questions to level, then you get an error message in red text.



When you clear the checkbox for Reference in Review Workflow so that Reviewers should not be able to edit Reference in Questions, you will get an error in red text if it has been set as mandatory (checkbox next to Questions must have references is enabled) in the Questions tab of Manage → Settings → Configuration.



If an area such as Metadata is set as mandatory, but has been set to be not editable by Reviewers, and the Metadata field of a Question is empty, then you will see an icon  (yellow rhombus with an exclamation mark within it) at the centre of the affected area. Moving the mouse cursor over it pops out the text "Some values in this section may be required", and this area can be edited.