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The Question Metadata tab on the Observe Questions page displays Metadata details of the retrieved Question, such as the Blueprint ID and Question ID.


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The Observe Metadata page has the following features:




The Enemies of the Question.

Blueprint ID

The Blueprint ID of the Question.

Other Blueprints

The other blueprints Blueprints of the Question. This is populated when the Question has Blueprint ID from another Project.

Question ID

The Question ID of the Question.

Other Language QuestionsThe Question ID(s) of other language versions of this Question, if any.


The custom Metadata associated with a Question.


The references References supplied for the Question.

On Exams

The names of the exams on which the Question is used.

Exams sections

The exam sections that use the Question.

Average Quality Rating

The average of the quality ratings Quality Ratings assigned by various users to the Question.

Average Angoff

The average of Angoff ratings Ratings assigned by various users to the Question.