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Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Question with Exhibit is displayed twice on Add Exam page, when same question is added to different sections and sections in Exam (D-21481)With the Configuration setting for "The same item can be added to multiple sections within the same exam form" set to "ON". When adding a item containing and exhibit to multiple sections to an ExamForm, the item will appear correctly in the first section, however will appear twice in the other section. Click HERE for an example.  
Exception on View Examform Page when select pagination (D-21478)

When navigating to Create Examform>View Examform and selecting 50 Item per page drop-down, an exception occurs.

Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to obtaining a connection from the pool. This may have occurred because all pooled connections were in use and max pool size was reached.

Select for Pagination 40 or less items per page. 
Blank row is displayed for exam group when some of the exam forms belonging to exam group are deleted (D-21477)

Issue 1 : Blank row is displayed for exam group when some of the exams belonging to exam group are deleted. Click HERE for example.

Issue 2 - Exam group with draft state exam forms is not displayed on view exam page

Check the "show retired" checkbox to display the Draft ExamForms(s)

Click HERE for an example.

Unable to export exam when question type is changed while modifying the question (D-21210)

When a question type is changed to an item contained on an Exam form, the QTI package will not export and an error message occurs:

"You are seeing this because an error occurred servicing the current request. Please quote the error described below when reporting the problem: An unspecified error has occurred. It is possible you may have been logged out of the system.