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Granting the user "Network User" read/write access to the DataRoot key folder <AppData>, which is C:\ExamDeveloperExamDeveloperData\AppData\ExamDeveloper in our example, mentioned in the appSettings.config file is necessary to be able to save data logs and Assets to this folder. This can be done as below:

  1. Using Windows file Explorer, locate the above folder (in our example C:\ExamDeveloperExamDeveloperData\AppData\ExamDeveloper), right click the folder, and click Properties.
  2. Click Security tab in the folder Properties window that opens, and click Edit button.
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  3. Click Add in the Permissions window that opens next.
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  4. Type "Network" in the Select Users or Groups window and click Check Names.

  5. Select NETWORK SERVICE in the Name list and click OK.

  6. Click OK in the Select Users or Groups window.

  7. Make sure that the NETWORK SERVICE user is selected in the Group or user names list of the folder Permissions window, and check the checkbox for Write permission in the Permissions list near the bottom of the window if it is unchecked. Click OK. Click OK again.
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