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Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
"Choose your Own Configuration" Custom Report not downloading correctly (D-26680)When running the Choose your Own Configuration report from the Custom reports page, the report is generated, however when the user tries to download the report, it is saved without the correct file extension (.xls or .xlsx) This is found only when using FirefoxUse a different browser or after saving the file, rename it to add the correct file extension before openingPENDING

Unable to add items to Dictionary (D-25895)


When adding dictionary items and saving an error is occurring:

"There was an error saving the dictionary. This could be caused by missing system configuration (Help). Please contact the Administrator."

Options automatically reordering when on Metadata tab and hitting Return (D-26110)

When creating or modifying an item with either option labels as Alphabetic or Numeric, then navigate to the Metadata tab and without adding or modifying hitting 'Enter"

Result: It will automatically reorder alphabetically or ascending

NOTE: This is occurring since 7.1702 release

Modifying the font size for an option utilizing MathML, error occurs (D-26085)When attempting to modify the font size of an Option and submitting, user is presented an error and must login back into the application. (One client specific) PENDING
Unable to export External Items with &mdash and &ndash HTML entities (D-25821)

External Items with a — or – entity fail to export. This is valid QTI and should be allowed.

Side Note: You cannot actually add these HTML entities in the External Item QTI Editor, when you paste in QTI containing the physical em-dash or en-dash character the system automatically converts them to HTML entities after saving the item.