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Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Review Assignment counts are not updating for an Item Reviewer (D-26758 & D-26759)Item Reviewer assignment counts are appearing incorrectly than from the Manage > Users > Assign Questions for that specific Item Reviewer user.Deleting the item reviewer assignment and recreating the review assignment based on the same criteria. 
Paste from Word is keeping styles which are unsupported (D-26193)Using the paste to word and QTI is generated there are some unsupported attributes that cause the QTI to crash during compilation PENDING
Unable to modify label text alignment in Enhanced Matching Items (D-26652)Attempting to modify an existing enhanced matching item, the ability to realign the label text properties will not be applied. PENDING
Unable to export External Items that contain Spanish character symbols (D-26696)
  • Create an External Item with Valid QTI containing an í or ó or á or ¿ or ñ or é character
  • Submit the item without saving (if you save the item the characters are converted to their respective HTML entities and thus cannot be saved)
  • Add the item to an exam form and export

Actual Result: Error is returned 

"You are seeing this because an error occurred servicing the current request. Please quote the error described below when reporting the problem. An unspecified error has occurred. It is possible you may have been logged out of the system."

Side Note: You cannot actually add these HTML entities in the External Item QTI Editor, when you paste in QTI containing the physical em-dash or en-dash character the system automatically converts them to HTML entities after saving the item. PENDING
Option labels are being exported when the 'Turn Off Option Label' checkbox is selected (D-26656)Selecting the exam form to build QTI Package and checking the box for 'Turn Off Option Label' at the section level. After saving and exporting the QTI still contains the for the Option Label.Modify the QTI to remove the option label.PENDING
linkrefid not being exported on QA Review form (D-26554)Exporting a QA review form with an exam where External Id is being used as the item identifier, the linkrefid is not being exported for questions that have no external id. PENDING