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Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Can't update Case Display through Case Question (D-30550)When you search for a question that belongs on a case and then try to edit the case from the question, the application just hangs when you try to save the case and you are unable to navigate away from the modal. You need to close the browser tab and reopen and navigate back to the application. No change is made to the case either.In order to edit the case you need to edit the case directly by searching for the case and editing it.PENDING
Item Retrieval Issue (D-30540)After returning items from a search if you were to select all items after the query executed and removed 5 (for example) from the first page only the items from that page would be examined/observed minus the 5 that you unselected.Further filter you query to remove the unneeded items or navigate to another page link after running the query and back before examining/observing the questions.PENDING

Batch Editing of Dropdown Metadata (D-30595)

Batch editing metadata of the type Dropdown List will result in multiple values being added to the metadata field, rather than the expected behavior of replacing the current value with the new value.Manually change the values for dropdown-type metadata on an item by item basisPENDING


7.1806 Release


Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
In Manage->Settings->Configuration->Questions, if the "Require writer to classify questions to level" is set, the "Write Question" link will not appear in the Develop Questions->Write page. (D-30049)The setting of the "Require writer to classify questions to level" being checked is causing the "Write Questions" Link to be removed. Uncheck the "Require writer to classify questions to level" , but then writers will not be required to assign Blueprints to items, but the "Write Question" link will be there.7.1806 (Patch)
Prometric export shows changes made on published exam (D-30105)When an item type is changed and that item is on a published exam, if you use the Prometric XML export, the item type will be changed on the XML export. This should now happen since the exam is published.Do not change an item type for items on published exam or wait to publish it until all changes are made.PENDING
Code Breaks in Form Level Item Statistics report for Block Text Metadata value (D-30119)When exporting block text metadata as part of the Form Level Item statistics report html entities are being converted to characters.Generate a custom report to return relevant metadata for questions on exam forms.PENDING
Draft items not moving to correct state when batch editing (D-30290)If a user chooses to Batch Edit items that are in Draft state to a review state passed the first one (without having the item submitted from the author first) the items that are in Draft state do not go to the correct Review State, they instead save as whatever the first Review state is in the project.Have the Author Submit the item to get it out of Draft state or batch edit to the first review state and then batch edit again to the desired review statePENDING