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  1. To replace an Asset from the Examine Asset page, select the Prepare Assets → Search menu. A search criteria panel is displayed.
  2. Provide search criteria to retrieve the Asset to be replaced and click Retrieve Assets.
  3. Select the Asset you want to examine and replace.
  4. Click Examine Assets.
    Examine Asset page is displayed with 3 buttons: Modify, History and Copy.
  5. Click the Modify button. Modify Asset page is displayed with all the fields that can be modified.
  6. Click the Select File button (Select files). Select files to upload is displayed.
  7. Select a new Asset to replace the current Asset and click Open. Like on uploading Start, a highlighted upload button is displayed.
  8. The new Asset is listed in the Asset text box on the right side of the window. The preview is not updated yet.


    If you attempt to upload an asset that does not pass the validation rules, an error message is displayed at the top of the page identifying what is wrong with the asset. Fix the asset and then replace the asset by uploading the corrected asset.

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    As of the 1809 release, the Rich Text Editor for Blocktext Metadata was updated. All the other Rich Text Editors will be updated in an upcoming release.

    See sections New Rich Text Editor Functions and Insert tables in the post-1809 Rich Text Editor for details on working with the new Rich Text Editor.

  9. Click Save. The new Asset is displayed on the Examine Asset page.
  10. To view the changes made, click the History button. The changes and modifications are displayed in highlighted form as seen in the screenshot below.