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Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Not able to submit item with Exam Advisor setting on (D-29109)The setting "Check for spaces between sentences" is stopping some items from being submitted even if there is a space between sentences.  Turn off setting while editing the items that are causing the error7.1806
Write Question Link is showing when "Restrict Users to only write assigned questions" is checked.(D-29237)The setting "Restrict Users to only write assigned questions" checkbox when checked is not working properly, allowing users to write any questions they would like. PENDING
Min Max settings on Point and Click Items in QTI (D-29321)Before 1803 when authoring Point and Click items (Hot Spot/Hot Area) when exporting items in QTI Min/Max settings were automatically coded in the QTI based on the number of correct responses. In version 1803 this setting has been removed giving the candidate the ability to specify more responses than the number of correct responses.Enable Min/Max configuration from the Manage-->Settings–>Configuration page. Set the Min max for Point and click items to # correct for each property.7.1805
Validation information not coming out in Custom Report (D-32454)Items that have undergone validation and have validation data attached will not export that data in the Custom Report when checked. Report for Blueprint Validation Angoff Information by ItemPENDING


7.1802 Release

Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Draft/Reject Count not Updated in Dashboard (D-28632)If a user has no current writing assignments, the Draft/Reject count in their Writer dashboard will show as 0, even if that user has items in the Draft/Reject state on the Project Writing Summary page. 7.1804