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Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Internet Explorer: Enhanced Matching Question - Unable to add tokens, label, target in the editor. (D-29409)Users have the inability to modify or create Enhanced Matching questions in the Internet Explorer Browser.Please proceed to use Google Chrome or Firefox.7.1806
Itembank Viewer/ Asset Viewer permissions not able to be set (D-29710)From the Manage Itembank > Users Edit area, when a manager tries to assign a user one of the Viewer permissions, the manager is kicked out. This permission is not able to be added to a user. 7.1807
Sharing an exam to a new project does not share items (D-29544)Previously when an exam was made editable in a new project, the items were made viewable in that project automatically. The system will not share the items automatically now and the user will have to share the items manually.After making the exam editable, go to the "Add Questions" are and use the search for "On Exam" and then select the items to be shared to the new project.PENDING
Review states showing out of order on Dashboard (D-30451)When a reviewer looks at their dashboard and there are multiple review states in the project, the states are not showing on the dashboard in the same sequence as they are set to be in the project. This is existing behavior not a defect.
Equations used in Metadata fields do not load (D-30807)When an item has an equation that is used in a block text metadata field, it will not load in the equation editor. PENDING7.1812
Custom report fails when including "associations" (D-30482)When a user runs a Custom Report and chooses "Associations" to be included in the report, the report can sometimes fail. It is found to happen more often when there are large numbers of items included in the report.Run the report on a smaller group of items (50 or less) if associations are needed7.1810