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Previously, when exporting QTI, each section produced a separate xml file with the section details. We have consolidated all the section files into one file named Section.xml. Sections that are referenced by other sections are added before the referee section to prevent compilation errors. Section consolidation is also applicable for Object Bank QTI export.


Users Affected


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All pages dealing with item lockingProject Managers,
Item Writers,
New Item Locking functionalityWhen items are manually or automatically checked-out.

New Item Locking functionality was introduced with this release.

For comprehensive details on the new functionality, see the Item Locking topic.


Fixed Defects

Invalid margin style not stripped out of Rich Text Editor 


The Rich Text Editor was not stripping out invalid margin styles that did not comply with what is supported in the Pearson VUE test driver. This defect has been fixed so invalid margin styles are now stripped out.

In DT itembank 

Pages/Feature:All pages that include the Rich Text Editor
Users affected:Project Managers, Item Writers, Reviewers, Observers