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Previously, when exporting QTI, each section produced a separate xml file with the section details. We have consolidated all the section files into one file named Section.xml. Sections that are referenced by other sections are added before the referee section to prevent compilation errors. Section consolidation is also applicable for Object Bank QTI export.

titleThe Reference Editor user interface was enhanced


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The Add Reference pop-up now lists just the Type of reference drop-down list, Add New Reference button, and the Existing reference field for users to type in an existing reference or select an existing reference from the list.

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The Add New Reference pop-ups were cleaned up. All the reference fields are lined up vertically, the Component field has been moved to the bottom of the pop-up for all reference types. You can select ItemKey, or Distractor from the drop-down list. The Component text field has been enhanced. You can now enter up to 15,000 characters in the Component field. A vertical scroll bar appears if you have large amount of text.

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If you have selected one of the reference Types from the drop-down list, clicked the Add New Reference button, entered various reference fields, and then select a different reference Type from the drop-down list, all the fields you entered are cleared out and you are returned to the beginning Add Reference pop-up. You must click the Add New Reference button again and enter the required fields.

 When you choose to edit an existing reference by clicking the Edit icon on the Reference accordion tab, the Edit reference pop-up window opens. You are unable to change the Type of reference. The Source name is the only field that is populated. All other reference fields are cleared and you must enter them.

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