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Comment: FIB restrictions no longer available on Translate side by side


  1. Select the Manage → Project Bank menu.
  2. Use the Search filters to retrieve the desired items.
  3. Select the desired item check boxes on the left.
  4. Click the Translate Side by Side button.

    The Translate Side by Side button appears only when there is more than one language code in the Item Bank configuration.



  5. The Translate Questions page opens. The original item is displayed on the left and is not editable. The right side has placeholders of the same item type where you can simply enter the translated text.

    When more than one items are selected for Side by Side Translation, you can use the Previous and Next buttons to navigate to the previous or next item from the selection, or jump directly to any of the selected items via the Jump to drop-down list, which lists the Question IDs of all the selected items.

  6. Select the language to you want the question translated to from the Language drop-down list.

    The Language drop-down lists all the languages available for the project according to the Item Bank configuration. The language names in which the item translation already exists are grayed out and may not be selected.

  7. You can only modify the following parts of the item being translated on the right hand side: Language, Question Stem, Distractors, and Submit on Behalf of. These parts of the item are indicated with red boxes in the above screenshot.
  8. Once you have entered all the translated text, click Submit to save the translated version and advance to the next item to be translated, or return to the Search Questions page if you had selected only a single item. Otherwise, click Cancel to cancel the translation process and go back to the Search Questions page.

    The translated items retain the Question ID, but receive a new language code according to the translation language selection.
    If an item with Obsolete state is translated, the new translated item is placed in a Review state.
    Only the Project Manager can access the Translate Side by Side functionality.

    The Advanced Properties All the Properties at the bottom of the page for Translate Side by Side functionality are grayed out. All fields under the Advanced Properties are read from the original item properties.


    For Fill in the Blank type items, the Set Range and Expand Restriction options are also available for the translated answer optionsyou are not able to view or modify the restrictions. You must modify the restrictions in the source language item, which are then automatically copied to the translated item.