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Comment: Whitespace CaseSensitive attributes



If a candidate enters the incorrect data type in the Answer Option, a Response Validation error message appears.

If you select Text for the data Type, candidates are allowed to enter both letters and numbers in the fill in the blank answer field. The Response Validation error message does not appear when candidates enter numbers into a Text data type Answer Option field.


Control Whitespace

The Whitespace drop-down list allows you to define how space characters should be treated when evaluating candidate responses in the Fill in the Blank item. Whitespace only applies to the Text data type. When Integer or Decimal are selected, whitespace is disabled.

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PreserveAll space characters entered are considered when evaluating a candidate's response. No spaces are ignored.
RemoveLeadingAndTrailingIgnores all leading and trailing spaces in candidate responses.
NormalizeIgnore leading and trailing spaces and replaces two consecutive space characters with a single space in candidate responses.
RemoveAllIgnore all spaces when evaluating candidate responses.

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Control Case Sensitivity

The CaseSensitive drop-down list allows you to define how to evaluate the candidate response using case sensitivity. CaseSensitive only applies to the Text data type. When Integer or Decimal are selected, casesensitive is disabled.

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YesThe response is case sensitive. The candidate must use the exact capitalization specified in the Fill in the blank field.
NoThe response is not case sensitive.


Add Restrictions

You can add data restrictions to further define what type of data may be entered into an Answer Option.