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Download the latest application files (Only for ExamDeveloper version 7.1805 or less)

  1. Empty the folder where the current version of the ExamDeveloper application was installed before you begin downloading the updated version application files to that folder. Ensure that you also delete the hidden folder ".svn" from this folder. In our example, this is the <SVNFolder> folder, which is C:\ExamDeveloper\Repositories\ExamDeveloper\.
  2. Right-click on <SVNFolder> and click SVN Checkout.
  3. Enter the URL: (where "XXX" is the latest version of ExamDeveloper as found in Release Versions). 
  4. Click OK.
  5. Please enter the Username and Password provided to you by the ExamDeveloper Support Team and click OK. The files start downloading to the folder.


    Step 5 is applicable only for ExamDeveloper version 7.1702 or less. Skip it for ExamDeveloper version 7.1704 and above.

  6. Click OK to close the Checkout window after the process finishes.

  7. Copy the contents of <SVNFolder>\Web\ to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\ExamDeveloper\, known as <ExtractedFolder>. Copy the web.config from the <SVNFolder>\External\ folder (if the file exists in this folder) and paste it to the <ExtractedFolder> folder (overwrite the existing file if one already exists). You do not need to do this if the file doesn't exist in <SVNFolder>\External\ or if it already exists in the <ExtractedFolder> folder.

Update the Microservices Folders (Only for ExamDeveloper version 7.1702 or less)


Skip this step for ExamDeveloper version 7.1704 and above.

It is important to manually copy and paste (and overwrite) the updated contents of the microservices folders within the <SVNFolder> (where the SVN checkout happened) to the locations where these microservices are actually installed. For example, if EDRS is installed at C:\EDRS\ExamDeveloper\ (as per our example of <EDRSInstallDir>) and the <ExtractedFolder> is C:\ExamDeveloper\Repositories\ExamDeveloper\, then you need to copy and paste (and overwrite) the updated EDRS files from C:\ExamDeveloper\Repositories\ExamDeveloper\EDRS\ to C:\EDRS\ExamDeveloper\ after the update (SVN checkout). If this is not done, then your microservices will not be upgraded and they might not run as expected.

The paths to the source and destination files and folder for the various microservices to be copied and pasted in our example are as below:

  1. EDRS: C:\ExamDeveloper\Repositories\ExamDeveloper\EDRS\ (<ExtractedFolder>\EDRS\) to C:\EDRS\ExamDeveloper\ (<EDRSInstallDir>)
  2. EDSS: C:\ExamDeveloper\Repositories\ExamDeveloper\EDRS\ (<ExtractedFolder>\EDSS\) to C:\EDSS\ExamDeveloper\ (<EDSSInstallDir>)
  3. EDQSS: C:\ExamDeveloper\Repositories\ExamDeveloper\EDRS\ (<ExtractedFolder>\EDQSS\) to C:\EDQSS\ExamDeveloper\ (<EDQSSInstallDir>)
  4. ExamService service: C:\ExamDeveloper\Repositories\ExamDeveloper\Exam\ (<ExtractedFolder>\ExamService\) to C:\EDEXS\ExamDeveloper\ (<EDEXSinstallDir>) 
  5. ItemBank service: C:\ExamDeveloper\Repositories\ExamDeveloper\ItemBank\ (<ExtractedFolder>\ItemBankService\) to C:\EDIBS\ExamDeveloper\ (<EDIBSinstallDir>)
  6. User service: C:\ExamDeveloper\Repositories\ExamDeveloper\User\ (<ExtractedFolder>\User\) to C:\EDUS\ExamDeveloper\ (<EDUSinstallDir>)
  7. Project service: C:\ExamDeveloper\Repositories\ExamDeveloper\Project\ (<ExtractedFolder>\Project\) to C:\EDPS\ExamDeveloper\ (<EDPSinstallDir>)


7.1911 to 7.1912

7.1912 to 7.2001 

7.2001 to 7.2002.01 

7.2002 to 7.2003 



 7.2003 to 7.2004 

       7.2004 to 7.2005

       7.2005 to 7.2006 

       7.2006 to 7.2007 







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 Update SQL Server Report .RDL files (not required for ExamDeveloper version 7.1704 and above)