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  1. Select the Create Exam Form → DT Templates menu.
  2. Click the Import Template button.
  3. A pop-up opens to select the ZIP archive containing the exported DT template XML file to be imported. Click Choose File to browse and select the ZIP file.
  4. Click Upload to import the DT into the currently used ED application.
  5. The DT template is now uploaded and a confirmation message identifies the name of the imported template.
  6. Notice that the name of the DT template you just imported appears in the list along with pre-existing DT templates (if any).


    The ED application automatically detects the type of DT template (ExamForm or Section) and imports it appropriately. There is, therefore, no selection to be made for importing DT template according to its type (ExamForm or Section).

  7. This DT template is now ready to be applied to any Exam Form/Section as applicable in any Project project in the current Organizationorganization.


    If a template with the same name already exists in the application, then an error message is displayed as shown and the DT template is not imported.

    If you still want to import the DT template with the same name as an existing template and overwrite it, then select the check box next to Override, if template exists with the same name and click Upload.


    If you want to import the same DT template with a different name, then you can modify the template "name” value in the XML file with a suitable XML editor and save it back to the ZIP archive to be imported.


    Now select the ZIP file and click Upload, without selecting the check box next to Override, if template exists with the same name. The template uploads successfully and a confirmation message identifies the newly modified template.


    If you try to upload an invalid file or file format, the following error message appears. Click the OK button to return to the file upload window and start over again.


    If you try to import a template from another organization, containing any items from that organization, then an error message is displayed and the import fails.