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  1. To generate the report, make the selections for the Include and For options and click the CSV button next to Generate Report. A message in green text appears, confirming that the report is being generated.
  2. A notification balloon appears on the bottom right of the screen to notify users once the report is generated. The notification balloon appears only if you have logged in as the current user who requested the report with the project selection where the report was requested, and are not on the Queue tab.
  3. Click the balloon to open the Queue tab. The generated report can be accessed from here.
  4. Once generated, the report appears as a hyperlinked text with the name "Due Date Assignment" under the Report Name column. Click this hyperlink to download the report in the CSV file format.
  5. The generated CSV file of the Assignment report appear  appear as below.


The "Due Date" column of the Assignments report is blank for those assignments where the due date has not been specified.


For Review, Translate, and Validate assignments where users have saved a search, the name of the saved search is displayed in the Criteria column. (In the example above, Criteria Question Review and Rainbow Review, and Translate are both saved searches.)

For Write assignments and Write/Review/Validate assignments where the work was Auto-Assigned, the following format is displayed in the Criteria column: Blueprint: <ID> <Name>; <MetadataName>: <Comma separated list of values>.(e.g., Blueprint: I Mathematics; ContentCasey: A)