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Project Managers, ReviewersItem Weight not appearing for Constructed Response/Oral questions when weight is set.For existing items that had an item weight specified for CR/Oral item type the weight established was not appearing. The value was not lost it was not visible. By selecting default and re-selecting item in the value field you could then see the appropriate established weight.Users who modify existing and newly created CR/Oral items will be able to see the weight immediately when viewing this item type.



Project SettingsProject ManagersRemove G-Type as a Question TypeIn the list of question types that were available for a project, G-Type (cases) was one of the options.The option to allow cases in a project has been moved to a separate tab in the Project Settings.Update
Exam Forms, Exam SectionProject Managers, Exam BuildClone and Translate not functioning for Forms/Sections

It was found that the clone and translate feature was not functioning when attempting to translate a form/section with items that have a translated counterpart.

Forms: Process would begin and instantly complete with no new form created or report downloaded.

Sections: User would receive and exception and would be kicked out of the system.

The functionality has been restored on both the exam forms and exam section pages.Fix
Exam FormsProject Managers, Exam BuildR-Type options not appearing for published exam on Word ExportWhen exporting exams to word (either option) if exporting a published exam that contains R-type questions the response options for this item type were not appearing on the export.Options will now appear on the word export for published exams for R-Type items.Fix
Generate ReportsProject Managers, Manage ReportsCustom Report missing Case ID and Case name DataIt was found for reports exceeding 100 items that the Case ID and Case Name data was not being retrieved.Case ID and Case name now returning on reports regardless of question number returned.Fix
Exam Delivery ConfigurationProject Managers, Exam BuildQTI Progress bar adjustmentsThe previous progress tracker for QTI exports was inaccurate at times and was causing a slight performance issue.The text of the progress bar has been altered to say "The QTI package file is being exported. Please wait..." and the progress % has been removed. This has eliminated the inaccuracy of the previous progress bar and has slightly enhanced performance of the export.Fix
Exam Delivery ConfigurationProject Managers, Exam BuildEnemy items duplicated in the Itempool fileWhen exporting a QTI file and the setting to export enemies on the exam was selected, some enemies associations were exported twiceCorrected the export so that enemies are only shown once in the fileFix