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Project Managers, Writers

Introduction of Compound Item TypeThis is a new item type.The Compound Item Type is now available for selection, if it is active in the project settings. Navigate here for more detail surrounding this new item type. Enhancement
ConfigurationProject ManagersNew configuration settings for exhibits used on Compound Item typesThese are new configurations added for the compound item type.Exhibit configurations have been added for popup exhibits specifically tied to the compound item type. Navigate here for more detail surrounding these new configurations. Enhancement
Custom ReportProject ManagersInclude/Exclude Key in Custom Report This is a new option for custom reports.The Custom Report page now features a checkbox for "Key"; if checked, exports the correct options on the report. Enhancement
Custom ReportProject ManagersInclude/Exclude Exhibit Content in Custom ReportThis is a new option for custom reports. The Custom Report page now features an option called "Include items referenced as exhibits"; if checked, the report will include the content of exhibits.Enhancement
HTML Report (Multiple Pages)Project Manager, Manage Reports, Observe QuestionsNewly added compound item type is now available on HTML reportThis work was completed to ensure that compound item data was made available via the HTML report.Users can now extract compound item data via the HTML report found in multiple areas of the application.Enhancement
Manage Project Bank

Project ManagersDuplicate Exhibit fields in HTML report for itemWhen viewing the HTML report for an item, the fields for Split Screen Exhibits and Popup Exhibits would appear twice.The Split Screen Exhibits / Popup Exhibits fields appear only once.Fix
Write Question, Modify QuestionsProject Managers, Writers, ReviewersUnable to save or submit a question with Exam Advisor Setting enabledWith the Exam Advisor setting "Check for spaces between sentences" enabled, users were unable to save or submit questions even after entering a space after periods that ended a particular stem or option.This has been corrected. Users can now use this setting and submit items when a period ends a particular stem or option.Fix
Configuration, Write QuestionProject Managers, WritersWrite Question link now only visible if project settings allowWith the project setting "Restrict users to only write assigned questions" active, writers should only be able to write items for which they have an assignment; however, they were able to see the "write item" link for writing ad hoc questions.Item writers will no longer see the "write item" link if the relevant setting is active in the project.FixWrite QuestionWritersEnhanced Matching type question IE compatibilityInternet Explorer browser users were unable to add tokens or targets to an Enhanced Matching type item.Enhanced Matching items are now functional within IE.Fix