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Exam Forms/Exam NameProject Managers/,
Exam Creator
Remove Edit as a group, modify Exam renameIn previous version clicking on the edit icon next to the exam name would bring brought you to the Exam Group Page where you could modify multiple forms and modify the exam name.The Edit as a group page has been removed. Clicking on the edit button for the exam will allow now allows you to only modify the exam name.Update
QTI Configuration/Export Revision CodesProject Managers/,
QTI edit packages
Add ability to export revision in ItemID.RevisionID conventionSystem allows users to export revision codes appended to item IDs with an underscore r a period appendage as well as exporting as an item version attribute.Users now have the ability to export the revision code and append to the ID with a period delimiter or an underscore:
ItemID.RevisionID i.e., 32481.1 or
ItemID_RevisionID, i.e., 32481_1
Review Questions, Examine Questions/Edit StatisticsProject Managers/,
Remove ability to modify item statisticsPrior to 1808 Project managers and item reviewers have had the ability to modify item and response level statistics. They have also had the ability to change default (bench) stats.Individual statistics modification has been removed from the system. Users will have to must now import a new analysis set if they wish to update statistics on specific itemsUpdate
Item Bank Configuration/LanguagesItem Bank AdministratorsAdd several EU official languagesWhen configuring the Item Bank, users are allowed to select various languages used for their item bank.There have been seven EU official languages added to the system. This includes: Croatian, Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian.Enhancement
Add Content/Add, Search Collections to projectsItem Bank AdministratorsSearch functionality added when viewing/adding sections on projectsIn past versions users were provided available collections in a blanket list and would have had to navigate the list and pages to find the relevant collection(s) to remove, or share.Search functionality has been added when viewing collections in a project or attempting to add collections to a project. 3 Three criteria have been added: Collection Name, Created By (who created the collection), and Editable on.Enhancement
QTI Export/Export item revisionProject Managers/,
QTI Export Packages
Revision code mismatch when exporting a published exam

When the following criteria were met an exam did not compile as because the exported revision codes in the source files were inconsistent:

  1. Exam and Sections must be published
  2. Changes to the items occurred after publication

When exams were exported after item level changes (causing a new revision to be created) the section source file exported contained the latest revision code of the item rather than the revision code present at the time of exam publication.


This has been corrected to ensure that the proper revision id is exported in the itempool and the section file so that the exam will compile compiles appropriately.Fix
Batch Edit/Batch Edit MetadataProject ManagersBatch edit allows multiple values for dropdown drop-down metadataWhen users batch edited items to update a singular metadata value for Dropdown Drop-down items the system would add added the newly specified value on top of the existing value rather than replace it.This has been resolved so that the selected value via batch edit will overwrite overwrites the existing value so that the one correct value is present on the item.Fix
Examine Questions/Modify Case textProject ManagersUnable to update case text from case questionAfter searching for a question belonging to a case users were unable to modify the case text from a question belonging to a case.This has been addressed so that users can now modify case text from a question belonging to a particular case.Fix
Modify Questions/Modifying a Point and Click itemProject Managers/,
Hot Area items listed as Hot Spot items when modifyingFor Point and Click items having a response type of "Hot Area" selected when a user opened this item for modification, the system would was setting the default the response type selection to "Hot Spot" rather than retain "Hot Area." There was a risk in saving the incorrect response type after making item modifications.The system has been corrected to retain the proper response type selected for the point and click item.Fix
Custom Report/XML custom reportProject ManagersXML custom report contains incorrect tag and attribute

When users ran a custom report with the XML output there were two xml tags that had changed unintentionally:

<QuestionRevision_Collection> became <Id_Collection>


<QuestionRevision QuestionRevision= became <Id QuestionRevision=

The previous XML convention has been restored.Fix
Create Exam Form/View ExamProject Managers,
Exam Creators
Enhanced DOCX Export functionalityOnly Display types could be exported previously.

True DOCX files are created, the content is no longer in tables.

Display type items alignment, indentation, bulleted lists, numbered lists, fonts, font size, font colors, headers, table content, special characters, MathML and Assets (in jpeg format) are all exported into the docx accurately.

The following items now export to DOCX: Constructed Response / Oral, MCQ (One Correct Option), MCQ (Multiple Correct Options), Pull Down List, Fill in the blank, Point and Click, Enhanced Matching, and Compound.

Exam Key & Metadata can be included, you can now group Exhibits before questions in the report, and you can export exam forms consisting of cases.

Manage Reports/Custom Report tabProject Managers,
Exam Creators
Include Cases in JSON reportsCase content was not available in the JSON report.The JSON custom report can now include case information.Enhancement