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The Import Questions page allows you to import Questions into the system via Excel or XLS templates. The advantage of this method is that Questions can be supplied by SMEs with no access to the application and uploaded by someone who can access it. Also, this method makes it possible to upload several Questions at once, as against writing them one by one in the application.


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titleWhat format should be used for the Blueprint ID?

The Blueprint ID column should only contain the ID of the full Blueprint to which the Question belongs. This is why there is only one column for Blueprint ID in the template.


titleAll Questions should have a Blueprint ID

Although you can upload Questions into the system without being associated with a Blueprint, you will not be able to change the state of a Question to Complete without specifying a Blueprint ID for it. Therefore, it is important to either upload the Questions with the Blueprint information or batch edit the Questions after they are in the system.


View the Exam Blueprint of a Project


  1. Click Manage → Import.
  2. Click See Blueprint to display the Exam Blueprint.