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You can view specific Questions by providing suitable search criteria to search Questions in a Project.


Retrieve specific Questions


  1. Go to the View Questions page.
  2. Select the search criteria from the dropdown drop-down list.

  3. Select the operators available with the search criteria.
  4. Enter the specific text or select the appropriate options in accordance with the selected search criteria.
  5. Click Retrieve Questions. The Project Bank will be searched according to the entered criteria and the search results will be displayed.
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  6. Click  the checkbox check box to the left of the Question(s) you would like to view.
  7. Click View Questions to view the selected Questions from the bottom of the View Questions page.
  8. Click HTML to view the selected Questions in a HTML report format.


titleWhat are the differences between the Observer Search page and the Manage Project Bank Search?

There are several key difference between these two pages:1.

  1. The Observer search page allows a read-only view of the Project Bank. Search on the Project Bank page under Manage, allows the Questions to be edited.
  1. The Observer search page can be configured to limit the Questions shown based on the Questions tab settings of the Project's Configuration page. This is not possible for the Project Bank page under Manage.
  1. The Observer search page will not show Questions in a Draftstate. It is possible to search on the Project Bank page under Manage, to display Draft or Obsolete Question by specifically using the State = Draft or State = Obsolete searches.