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Use the Add User section to create a new user:

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  1. Enter the user’s First Name, Last Name, User Name, and Email Address.
  2. From the Assign Projects list, select the Projects to which the new user is to be assigned. You must select at least one.
  3. Select Two-Factor Authentication as Off to disable it for the user or On to enable. This setting is available only when 2-Factor Authentication is enabled for the application, for the Item Bank to which the current Project belongs, and also for the selected user.
  4. Click Save.



If the user is an Item Bank Manager for an Item Bank, the Assign Projects list will display displays all of the Projects across the Item Bank.
The Assign Projects list does not display the default Project (which has the same name as Item Bank by default).
Closed Projects will appear grayed-out in the Assign Projects list and cannot be selected.

titleRemember to assign the user to at least one Project

If you create a user and fail to select at least one Project from the Assign Projects list, the user will is not be able to log into the system.