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titleReporting Group validation showing up on QTI page

When exporting QTI Package, an error stating, "This Reporting Group's blueprint does not come from the underlying project's blueprint document. Please regenerate this reporting group." was appearing in the Reporting Group Configuration. This issue has been resolved.

titleExam HTML for translation functionality was not working

Importing a translated exam containing case was producing an error that the structure of the document is not valid.

The defect was occurring because several validations were expected to fail and should have been ignored, but were actually throwing a NullReferenceException. Null checks on these validations were added so they produce a failure result instead of throwing an exception.

titleData disappearing on the modify page

When users removed a comment, reference, or exhibit on the modify page, but then cancelled the changes. When they returned to the modify page the data disappeared on the Modify page. The content was actually still there on the Examine page. If users were to save on the Modify page they would lose data.

This issue has been fixed.


Updated help topics in this release
Updated help topics in this release