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Item validation provides concrete documentation of the relevance of all items on the Exam Formexam form; it provides documentation that a panel of subject matter experts convened, discussed the relevance of every item, and agreed on each item to be placed on the Exam Formexam form. Another use of the validation process is in the assembly of the Exam Formexam form. If the experts developed more items for a Blueprint blueprint area than necessary, it is important to quantify the quality of an items to allow selection of only the best items.


See The Basics of Exam Development topic for more details about the Exam exam development stages.

As a Validator, you may be working on several Projects projects and have been assigned a certain number of items for each Projectproject. You can see your work assignments in the Project View Summary page.


A count of the items you have been assigned to validate / pending validation are displayed by the criteria.


The Project View Summary page includes the following features: